Aerobeez 2012 71″ Pitts Python 50cc Bi-Plane

Posted by aerobeez On June - 7 - 2012

The 71″ Pitts Python Bi-Plane M12 50cc ARF:

Wing Span: 71″
Length: 63″
Wing Area:
Flying Weight: 16 -17.5lbs


The Aerobeez 71″ Pitts Python Bi-Plane is a great replica of the classic bi-plane. It has a very scaled look with a beautiful color scheme.  Like all our other airplane models, performance is always our top priority while not sacrificing the strength and build integrity. This plane is weighing at around 16 lbs AUW.  For a 50cc size plane this plane is extremely light.  Don’t don’t be fooled by its light weight though. This plane is designed to withstand lots of high G maneuvers you throw at it.  Great amount of effort is put into designing the airframe to ensure a solid construction using the lightest build materials.

The build is made easy for you by incorporating many quick build features.  The fuel tank is included with the kit that is pre-plumbed and installed into the frame. The rudder pull-pull system is also pre-installed.  All the control surfaces are pre-hinged and slotted. Both the wings and the stabs are two pieces bolt on which makes it very easy to mount and remove. As you can see in the pictures, the canopy, cowl and wheel pants are pre-painted with high quality paint with lots of details.

The canopy glass is smoke tinted just like the full scale Pitts.

The average build time for this plane is around 14-16 hours.  To make sure you can get the plane in the air in the shortest amount of time possible, we include all the hardwares for you. Hardwares include heavy duty ball linkages, anodized aluminum servo arms, front and rear landing gears, carbon fiber wing tube and tail tube, and everything else you would need to complete the build.  We supply all the high quality hardwares so you would not need to get them somewhere else.


1. 8 pieces 13 kg-cm servos : 4 for wings, 2 for elevators, 1 for rudder, 1 for engine.(We recommend Hitec HS-7940TG, HS-7950TG, or HS-7955TG)
2. 50cc engine: We recommend DLE 55
3. Servo extensions.
4. 3.5″ Spinner for gas engine
5. 22 x 10 or 23 x 8 gas propeller
6. 2s battery packs for receiver and engine ignition
7. minimum 8 channels tx/rx system.

This 71″ Pitts Python Bi-Plane is such a high quality ARF. Not only it is with a a great design, it is also supplied with lots of great components which makes it a breeze to assemble. With 1735 wing area and a 16 lb flying weight, put a DLE 55 engine and you will be amazed by how this plane will perform. This 71″ Pitts Python Bi-Plane would definitely extend your flight envelop and open up a new world for your 3D flying. Whether you are looking for a new bipe or just trying to step up to a 50cc size plane, this plane would be a great choice for you. We are looking forward to upload some flying videos soon.


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