Aerobeez 26% 73″ Sbach 300 30cc Gas Plane Flight Review

Posted by aerobeez On June - 28 - 2012

The Sbach 300/ 342 has been a very popular and sought after plane due to its unique and beautiful design. We have received lots of attentions since we started carrying the Sbach 300 and Sbach 342. However, lot of people have questions about whether it would perform as well as it looks. So this time we are giving a flight review on the Sbach 300.

Flying Video:

Wing Span: 73″
Length: 69.5″
Wing Area: 1007 sq in
Fly Weight: 9.2-10.6 lbs


Powerplant: DLE 30 gas engine

Servos: 5 x HS-7950TH for control surfaces, 1 x Kingmax KM-5909 high voltage servo for engine throttle

Spinner: 3.5″ carbon fiber spinner

Prop: Xoar 19 x 8

TX/RX: Futaba 7c with R617FS 7 channel receiver

Electronic: Syssa IBEC remote switch with 1x 7.4V 3000mAH battery

We got many people asking the difference between our Sbach 300 and Sbach 342. In full scale, the 300 is a single seater version and 342 is a double seater version. For our Sbach models, the only difference is the canopy cover. The 300 version has a smaller canopy bubble to mimic a single seater and the 342 version has a taller, longer canopy bubble to mimic a double seater. The rest of the plane is the same and there is actually no noticeable differences in their flight performance.

Aerobeez 26% 73″ Sbach 300:

Aerobeez 26% 73″ Sbach 342:

When we first received this plane the first thing we noticed was its design and build quality. The paint job was done exceptionally well. The monokote covering is near perfect. There was only a minimal wrinkled spots.  The color is vibrant. All the pattern matches nicely and the paint colors on the cowl and canopy match perfectly with the covering. We just fell in love with the appearance at the first sight.

Even the patterns were painted on the wheel pants. It makes the whole plane looks so much more realistic.

To make it looks more scaled, the 26% Sbach 300 was designed to follow the body curves from the full scale Sbach, which makes this planes so beautiful and unique.

Another feature about the 26% Sbach 300 is the design of the wing. Unlike most other planes, wings on the Sbach 300 has a rounded wing tip, which is also designed after the full scale plane. Overall we are very happy with the way the design turns out.

The Sbach 300, like all the other ARF’s that Aerobeez carries, come with all the hardwares to complete the assembly. Parts like fiber glass control horns, ball joint linkages, pull pull rudder assembly, main and tail gears and fuel tank are supplied. In the flight video we used all stock hardwares.  They are all heavy duty parts that are meant to be used for strenuous aerobatic flights.  As standard, the Sbach 300 comes with carbon fiber main and tail gear, carbon fiber wing and tail tube.  Everything fits nicely during assembly.  It took us about 14 hours to assemble the plane.

The first time we flew the Sbach 300 we were very impressed by its acrobatic abilities. It is exceptionally agile. It can flip and tumble around very easily. It is due to the fact that with 69.5″ body length the Sbach has a relatively short body compared to its wing span.  It was a bit tail heavy during the first flight.  After we set the CG location at about 5″ behind the wing root leading edge, which balances it perfectly. 3D flying becomes its natural instinct. There wasn’t anything that we threw at it that it couldn’t handle.  If you are not into 3D flying, this plane would also make a very nice sports flying machine. We were getting so much attention at the field on the flying day.  We were so happy to see that it actually performs as nicely as it looks.


Recently the senior editor at Model Airplane News John Reid did an awesome flight interview with the 26% Sbach 300 with Mike Grant as the pilot. They actually did an electric conversion of the plane which also works very well.  Please click on their banner below to check out the blog page and please leave a comment for them.

Don’t forget to check out our 50cc version of the Sbach 300 and Sbach 342 as well.

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