Aerobeez 30% 87″ Slick 540 Gas Plane Flight Review

Posted by aerobeez On June - 21 - 2012

This time we are going to talk about the new Aerobeez 30% Slick 540.  The 30% Slick 540 is one of the new 30% scale lines Aerobeez carries, along with the Edge 540, and Sbach 342. The Slick 540 is such an elegant airplane and we have expected so much performance and quality in it. It was definitely worth the wait. We were all very pleased with the outcome.

Wing Span: 87″
Length: 83″
Wing Area: 1426 sq in
Fly Weight: 15-17 lbs

Flying video:

Powerplant: DLE 55 with 22x 10 Acro prop (23 x 8 would also be good)

Servos: 6 x Kingmax KM5913 (7.4V high voltage with 13 kg-cm torque) for all control surface and throttle

TX/RX: Futaba 7c and R617FS FASST 7-Channel

Battery: single 7.4 V 3000mAH battery & Syssa iBEC to power receiver and ignition

Switch: Miracle single switch with built in fuel dot

Spinner: 3.5″ Carbon Fiber spinner

This plane is built extremely light. It looks a bit bigger than a typical 50cc plane. With huge control surfaces and big elevator. It is designed with counterbalance on all control surfaces.  Right off the bat we already know the Slick 540 would have lots of control authority in the air, especially in slow flying speed.  The big control surfaces allow the plane to maintain very high maneuverability.

We were so surprise that the plane came out to be so light.  All up weight is no more than 15 lbs. The DLE 55 is powerful enough to pull a 18 lb to 20 lb aerobatic plane. With 15 lbs it’s a walk in the park.  It makes it a lot easier to pull the airplane out of any undesirable situation.  With such big control surfaces (1426 sq in wing area) and only 15 lbs, the plane is extremely floaty.  On our flying day there was about 10 to 15 mph wind.  The plane floated around in the air with little power input.  Maintaining altitude with barrel rolls seemed effortless.

Even with such light weight, the plane has a very solid design.  We tried to wring it around as much as we could, doing barrel rolls after barrel rolls and pulled any high G maneuver we could think of and the plane held up very well and was able to maintain precision throughout its flight envelope.


The Aerobeez 30% Slick 540 comes with lots of high quality parts. It was supplied with our standard high quality carbon fiber landing gear and tail gear.  The wing tube is made of thick carbon fiber material.  Control surfaces are pre-slotted. Everything fits well and there wasn’t any modification required. The plane is designed to work with DLE 55 so we just needed to drill the mounting holes with a drill template and the engine pops right in with stock standoffs. The spinner clearance with the cowl is right on the spot. We were impressed with the covering quality. It was tight as a drum out of the box and there was only minimal wrinkles on couple of spots. This alone saved us a lot of time needed to iron the plane.  The whole assembly time was around 16 hours. And it included trimming and adjusting the servos.  Much design consideration was put into CG position of the Slick 540. When we completed the assembly the CG sit right about 1/16″ behind the wing tube.  We just needed to place the battery close to the back of the engine firewall which brought the CG location right on the aft edge of the wing tube. This puts the plane perfectly balanced in neutral. We made sure the control surfaces were flushed with the wings and stab.

We took all but only 15 mins to do pre-flight setup. We did our final check to make sure the control throws are properly adjusted and we did our range check.  We had no problem using a brand new DLE 55 engine for the test flight.  We have had pretty good experience with DLE engines. They are reliable and price is very competitive. We ran about two tank of gas to break it.  After that the engine fired right up every single time. We didn’t use any expo for the throttle input and input was very responsive and direct. We left the engine running a bit rich since it was brand new.  With the performance we got from the test flight I am sure when we lean the engine out more after a few more runs the performance would be even more impressive.

The video above was captured during the very first flight with a brand new DLE 55.  We were still trying to get used to the flight characteristics of the Slick 540. Mainly because it was very light compared to other 50cc counterparts that we were used to flying. But after that it was sheer 3D fun.  We couldn’t find any bad habits. The plane was very stable and precise, even to a point that we found it requires precise input to pull some moves such as a knife edge spin. It’s a good thing because it wouldn’t do anything you do not intend for it to do.  However, if the proper input was set, it would fly exactly the way you want it to with very high precision.  Our pilot also found the plane to track exceptionally well.

We had the tank about 2/3 full and initially we planned to fly it for 8 mins. Our pilot was having so much fun he ended up going 2 mins over.  When he landed the plane there was only a single drop of fuel left in the tank. That’s when we realized that the plane wasn’t getting as much engine power in the last minute of flight or so and it was still flying every bit as lively as its first minute.  Overall, the Slick 540 was built with such quality and performance with precision in mind.  And it comes with all the high quality hardwares and carbon fiber parts. All the parts fit very well together.  It has now become my personal new favorite.

DLE 55 Engine

The 30% Slick 540 comes in red/white color scheme as well.

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