Aerobeez 30% 89″ Yak-54 Gas RC Plane

Posted by aerobeez On March - 8 - 2012

Wing Span: 89″
Length: 82″
Wing Area: 1454 sq in
Fly Weight: 15-16.8 lbs

Some of the features includes:

1. New construction designed for light weight.
2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile.
3. Pre-hinged ailerons for quick installation.
3. 2-piece removable wings and stabilizers for easy transit.
4. Fully symmetrical tail wing airfoil.
5. Ball linkage control system.
6. Polyurethane wheels.
7. Carbon fiber wing tubes.
8. Carbon fber landing gear.
9. Covered in high quality monokote skin with a beautiful scheme.
10. Cowl has cowl ring built-in top conceal the screws for a more elegant appearance.
11. Safe servo straps
12. All hardware included.

Winter is the season for building.  If you are looking for a great project in the 30% scale aerobatic category, don’t miss out this Aerobeez 30% Yak 54 on your watch list.  There are so many great features about this plane.  First of all the Yak-54 is a classic plane with a very unique and beautiful design.  Especially with the white and blue scale with checkerboard pattern, the plane looks so clean and smooth that everyone is going to fall in love with it at first sight.  It is also made very scale looking with design purpose to performance extreme aerobatic flights.

The Aerobeez 30% Yak 54 is unlike any regular ARF kit on the market.  Lots of aluminum parts on the air frame has been replaced with carbon fiber parts such as the main and tail landing gear, wing and elevator tubes.

The kit comes with all upgraded hardwares to complete the build that include heavy duty ball point linkages and heavy duty fiber glass servo arms etc.

All the control surfaces are already pre-hinged and slotted for perfect fitment and easy installation.  You only need to glue the hinge connectors together–A very nice feature that saves lots of work.  This kit is also a quick build kit with lots of part pre-assembled:

Quick build features:

1. Pre-installed fuel tank.
2. Pre-installed firewall.
3. Pre-mounted and painted canopy.
4. Pre-drilled servo control horns.
5. Pre-installed pull-pull wires with ball links on rudder.
6. Pre-installed push rods and ball links.
7. Pre-hinged ailerons and stabilizers.

Note that both the wings and the elevators are with a 2-piece design that allows for easy removal during transit. Both the canopy and cowl are painted and pre-assembled.

The cowl is built with the mounting ring concealed inside so none of the mounting screws would be exposed to the outside for a smooth and clean appearance.

Note the amazing paint job on the cowl.  This Yak 54 is a beauty in the sky.

The wheel flarings are made to scale and pre-painted to match the color scheme.

Fuel tank is pre-plumbed and installed , so is the pull-pull rudder assembly.

Look at the incredible detail and the quality of the construction.  With under 17lbs of flying weight, this yak 54 is going to dominate the sky with its aerobatic capabilities.

This Aerobeez 30% Yak 54 is designed to work directly with DLE 55 engines.  It is also built with a canister slot to allow for use of canister.  It would take about 12-16 hours to build.  Package comes with an assembly manual that covers all the steps required to build this plane.

Items you would need:

1. A 50cc size gas engine

2. 5 x servos with 13kg-cm torque

3. 1 servo for engine.

4. 4-6 channels Tx and Rx

5. 2 1500mAH – 2200mAH battery packs for engine ignition and receiver.

6. 3.5″ Spinner

7. 1 22 x 10 or 23 x 8 gas propeller

8. 2 x 12″ servo extension, and 2 x 24″ servo extension.

This Aerobeez 30% Yak 54 is such a nice plane to have.  It is packed with so much features and it would be so fun to fly.  Don’t miss out this chance to fly this plane this spring when the cold weather is gone.

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