Aerobeez 30% Sukhoi 26M Su-26M Gas ARF

Posted by aerobeez On April - 5 - 2012

When you talk about aerobatic planes with radial engine, you would not neglect the Su-26.  It is one of the most successful aerobatic planes produced by Soviet Union and has dominated the aerobatic aviation world during the 80’s.  It has remained a true classic for it’s looks, flight performance, and its legend.  Because it’s such a beautiful plane with great flight characteristic, Aerobeez is carry the 30% scale of the Su-26M.

Wing Span: 89″(2270 mm)
Length: 82″(2080 mm)
Wing Area: 1550 sq in(100 sq dm)
Fly Weight: 15-16.8 lbs(6800-7600g)

1. New construction designed for light weight.
2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile.
3. Pre-hinged ailerons for quick installation.
3. 2-piece removable wing and stabs for easy transit.
4. Fully symmetrical tail wing airfoil.
5. Ball linkage control system.
6. Polyurethane wheels.
7. Carbon fiber wing tubes.
8. Carbon fiber landing gear.
9. Carbon fiber tailwheel assemblies.
10. Covered in high quality Monokote skin with a beautiful scheme.
11. Fuselage set up for canister installation, with fuel dot.
12. Cowl has built-in cowl ring which conceal the screws for a more elegant appearance.
13. New design which allow the use of both short or long V pipe.
14. All hardware included.

The wings are built with carbon fiber sleeve and stiffeners for a strong construction.  They are also connected with a carbon fiber wing tube for additional strength and durability.  The control surfaces are pre-hinged and slotted which makes it very easy assemble to the wings.  All servo mounts are pre-cut. They are all precision cut and digitally measured for an accurate fitment.

Note that the bottom of the wings are striped for better visualization.  The plane is covered in beautiful scheme with Monokote covers.

The stabs are a two piece removable design for easy assembly and transit.  The elevators are pre-hinged as well.  They are also connected with a carbon fiber tube for maximum strength.

All the wood pieces that make up the plane frame is computerized laser cut for a precise and solid build.  The plane is designed for strength and light weight in mind.  The wing box sleeve is also made of carbon fiber.  There is a slot for optional canister installation.


The cowl and canopy is pre assembled and painted to match the rest of the body.

Note that the cowl ring is concealed inside the cowl which hides all the mounting screws for a smooth and clean appearance.


Main landing gear and tail gear bracket is made of high quality carbon fiber. Both make the plane loks a lot nicer than aluminum. It would also make the pilot feel at ease knowing the plane can take lots of hard landings without failing.


Fuel tank and plumbing components are included in the kit for a complete assembly.  The fuel dot is provided this saves a lot of the extra cost and time to look for compatible parts for the plane.
The Aerobeez 30% Su-26m comes with all high quality ball point linkages and heavy duty hardwares that prepare the plane for the most strenuous 3D performance.
This is a complete package that provides lots of great parts and it’s easy to build.  It offers lots of values in terms of the components provided and the quality of the plane. Flying characteristics are amazing.  It can perform anything you demand from a 30% scale aerobatic planes.  With a 89″ wingspan, it is as agile as a 25% scale, yet it provides much more control authority. This is a perfect balance between size and performance.  With such a beautiful color scheme, you will be sure that you will turn heads wherever you choose to fly it at.

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