Aerobeez 65″ Sbach 342 20cc Profile ARF Plane

Posted by aerobeez On February - 8 - 2012

Profile planes are characterized by having a “2D” profile of an airplane it’s scaling after.  Because of the small body mass compared to a regular airplane, profile planes have extremely low wing loading and small body inertia. These characteristics allow the pilot to perform extreme 3D maneuvers.  Profile planes comes in many sizes and forms, from micro size foamies to large scale gas planes.  But they are all designed to do one thing-Extreme 3D!

The Sbach 342 is a very nice looking and popular aerobatic plane .  To meet the demand in the profile plane world, Aerobeez for the first time is bringing in a profile version of the Sbach plane.

Wing Span: 65″
Length: 59.1″
Wing Area: 783 sq. in
Flying Weight: 6.8lbs
Engine Size: 20cc

The Aerobeez 65″ Sbach 342 profile plane comes with lots of features found in a Aerobeez 30cc Sbach 342 scale plane counterpart:

1. Carbon fiber wing tube.
2. Upgraded hardware including ball joint linkages.
3. Pre-drilled control horns.
4. Pre-drilled control surface hinges slots.
5. Pre-cut servo slots.
6. All hardwares included in package.

Both wings are connected with a joiner tube made of carbon fiber to provide adequate support for hardcore 3D flying.  All the control surfaces are pre-hinged to fit perfectly so all you need to do is to apply glue on the hinge connecters and they are good to go.  The control surface hinges are beveled nicely to provide maximum amount of throws.

The wings are designed with a big round curve on the corner to resemble the full scale Sbach.  Although with a relatively small wing area of 783, the wings are built very thick which makes up for the aerodynamic lift for slow 3D maneuvers.

The elevator is built with a one pieces stabilizer, also pre-hinged to fit perfectly together.

The servos slots, and receiver slot are pre-cut.  It takes a lot of labor works away which makes it a lot easier to build and cut down the build time a lot.

The package includes a quality fuel tank assembly.

The Aerobeez 65″ Sbach 342 Profile also comes with high quality hardwares necessary to assemble the plane.  Fiber glass control horns and heavy duty ball linkages are provided.

The landing gear assembly is made of aluminum which provides sufficient strength for hard landings.

In addition to the thunderbolt color scheme, the Aerobeez 20cc Sbach 342 profile also comes in the scale orange color scheme and the special edition neon green scheme.

Aerobeez also offers these nice Sbach profile planes bundled with DLE 20cc engines.

Overall, the Aerobeez Sbach 342 20cc profile plane comes in a nice package with lots of good feature from design, hardwares, and appearance.  And it has lots to offer in the flying field.  If you are looking for a large scale profile plane for your next project, this may be a good pick for you.

Hopefully, I will have a detailed flight report on these nice 20cc profile planes soon.  Thank you for reading and come back often for more new product introduction!





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