Aerobeez 75″ 26% MXS-R 30cc Gas Airplane

Posted by aerobeez On February - 16 - 2012

The MXS-R, made by MX Aircraft, is a modern aerobatic plane designed for air racing.  It was been featured in the Redbull Air Race series. The MXS is a single seater all composite aircraft.  It was designed using computerized solid modeling to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.  One thing to notice is the smooth, streamlined profile of the air frame.  Because it is made of carbon fiber, there is no rivets that are required to put metal panels together in metal frame aircraft, which further enhance the aerodynamic efficiency.  Also note the aileron spans across the whole wing span.  This allows for extremely fast roll rate.

The MXS-R was made famous in the Redbull Air Race.  Two famous Redbull racers, Alejandro Maclean and Nigel Lamb both flew the MXS-R.

Because the MXS-R is such a unique and advanced aerobatic plane, it is a perfect choice for a scaled version.  Aerobeez is offering the 26% scale version of the MXS-R in the number 36 Black Berry color scheme.

Here is the spec:

Wing Span: 75″ (1915 mm)
Length: 69″ (1760 mm)
Wing Area: 888 sq in (57.3 sq dm)
Empty Weight: 7.8-8.6 lbs (3550-3800g)
Fly Weight: 9.2-10.6 lbs (4200-4800g)

The Aerobeez 26% MXS-R comes in a beautiful color scheme after the full scale version.  The wing design follows the full scale design which has extended tip on the wing tip and wing root. Also, the aileron runs across the wing span to give the pilot more authority in roll control. Note that all control surfaces are pre-hinged as a standard quick build feature.  They are digitally measured to ensure proper fitment.  It takes lots of time off from measuring and cutting slots for the hinges.  All you would need to do is to apply glue on the hinge connectors and connect the control surfaces to the wings.  As a standard feature for Aerobeez gas airplanes, the wings are connected through a strong carbon fiber wing tube.

The hinges provide more than 60 degrees in control throws to allow for the most extreme aerobatic set up.

The elevator is a two-piece design which allows for easy install and removal for transit and replacement. They are also pre-hinged and connected through a piece of strong carbon fiber tube.

The cowl and wheel pants are pre-painted to match the color scheme of the airframe. Note that there is a built in cowl ring for installation.  This would seal the mounting screws from the outside for a much nicer appearance.

The Aerobeez MXS-R comes with upgraded hardware such as fiber glass control horns, pull-pull rudder assembly, high quality ball linkages, heavy duty fiber glass long servo arms, and servo extension connector straps.

As another upgraded feature, the Aerobeez 26% MXS-R comes with high quality carbon fiber landing gear and tail wheel bracket.  The wheels are made of high quality polyurethane.  All hardwares for the landing gear assemblies included.

A gas safe fuel tank assembly is included in the package for a complete installation.

If you are looking for a great aerobatic airplane with unique and nice design, the MXS-R would be a good choice.  It is beautiful and realistic looking. And it provides superior aerobatic performances.  It would do a very good job in both IMAC or 3D flying.  Hopefully I would provide a flight report on this amazing model soon.




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