Aerobeez 75″ 26% Scale Yak-55M 30cc ARF RC Airplane Review

Posted by aerobeez On January - 31 - 2012

Ever noticed that wherever you go there always seem to be people flying a yak55 RC plane? In fact we see so many Yak-55 replica in RC world from as small as micro size foamies, to park flyers, to giant scale, you name it.  The Yak-55 has won many World Aerobatic Champions in 80’s.  It has a unique look and design and has remained a legend in aerobatic aviation.  Some of the unique features about the Yak-55M include it’s radial engine without a spinner, long fuselage, round teardrop canopy, and thin oversized wings.  It looks a bit rugged yet it’s classic looking, combining with its superior aerobatic performance, it has remained a true classic for 3 decades.  It’s not a surprise that anyone who are into flying rc plane would be interested in flying the Yak-55M.

If you are flying giant scale and are looking for a good quality Yak-55M, Aerobeez is currently offering the Yak-55M in 30cc and 50cc class in different color schemes.

Aerobeez 30cc Yak 55M:


Wing Span: 74.8″(1900 mm)
Length: 71.3″(1810 mm)
Wing Area: 1130 sq in(72.9 sq dm)


1. New construction designed for light weight.
2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenous 3D flight profile.
3. 2-piece removable wing and stabs for easy transit.
4. Symmetrical tail wing airfoil.
5. Ball linkage control system.
6. Carbon fiber wing tubes.
7. Carbon fber landing gear.
8. Carbon fiber tail wheel assemblies
9. Covered in high quality monokote skin with a beautiful scheme.
10. All hardware included.

The two-piece stabilizer design is more common on a 50cc size plane. But Aerobeez has incorporated this feature into their 30cc planes, which makes it much easier to install and remove.  The slot are pre cut to fit so you do not need to worry about gluing the stab on improperly.  And in case is you damage one side of the stab, it’s very easy to replace.  This is a very nice feature and it really makes it easy for you.

As a standard feature for most Aerobeez’s giant scale models, the Yak-55M is supplied with high quality carbon fiber landing gear, wing tube, stab tube, and tail landing gear bracket.

Another great feature is a built in cowl ring that conceals all mounting screws on the cowl for a much smoother appearance.

The Aerobeez Yak-55M is supplied with all the hardware required to assemble the airplane.  Aerobeez provide high quality hardwares such as ball joint linkages and fiberglass servo arms and control horns.  All you need is to use your own engine, servos, electronics and batteries.  It also has the thrust angle built in so you would not need to worry about cutting your own thrust angle!

All the control surfaces are pre-hinged and slotted which makes it easy to assemble. Another great feature is that the Aerobeez Yak-55M is made with a canister slot if you prefer to use a canister.

The Aerobeez Yak-55M is designed to work directly with DLE engines.  You can use the stock standoff of a DLE 30cc engine and no modification would be needed.  Aerobeez also supplies the DLE engines with the Yak-55M as a combo, along with servos and some other accessories.

Once balanced, the Aerobeez Yak-55M can performance the most extreme aerobatic maneuvers. It is a perfect plane for IMAC or 3D flights.

Aerobeez also offer sother color schemes for the Yak-55M 30cc models.  Check out their product page to see more offers.

Below is a link to the build thread of the Aerobeez Yak-55M on RCU.

Here is the 50cc version of Aerobeez’s yak-55M.  Hopefully, I will give a detailed review on it soon.  Thanks for reading.


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