Aerobeez 78″ Extra 330 Raiden Electric Motor Install & Setup

Posted by aerobeez On November - 15 - 2016

Aerobeez 78″ Extra 330 Raiden Electric Motor Install & Setup

Hey Everyone! Welcome to our Electric Motor Install for the 78″ Extra 330 Raiden. This guide is intened to suppliment our Step By Step build log for the NEW 78″ Extra 330 Raiden. We have put alot of effort into R&D on this model and used both our experience with the prototype and feedback from our loyal fans to deliver one of the most stunning 3D monsters this year for our 35-55c class.



Motor: DM-5327 from Ken at Subsonic Planes wound to 195Kv for a 22×10 prop


Standoffs: Extreme Flight Motor Standoffs from Tim at Northwest RC.


NOTE: These are the extra large set, but they still came up 5mm short. I had to pull out a couple of the small sizing sections and add in a half inch nylon spacer. 

Step 1: Motor Template

Brian made a template from the motors x-mount. Once the mount is drawn and cut, tape over it with masking tape to hold it in place and keep your drill bit from traveling on the slick carbon fiber firewall.


Step 2: Standoffs

Now install the standoffs. For this set-up Brian used the Extreme Flight motor standoffs. They are easily adjustable to get the right length.


Back of the standoffs have a nice solid machined aluminum washer.


Step 4: Install the Motor



Step 5: Trim the Cowl

The bell housing on the DM-5327 Electric Motor was rubbing slightly, so we needed to enlarge the hole in the cowl slightly.


NOTE: With other electric motors this step may or may not be needed. Always test fit make sure that fitment is clean with no rubbing and only cut/trim if neccessary.

Step 6: Mount ESC

Due to the electric motors light weight, Brian wanted to get as much weight forward as possible. He also wanted the controller to be directly inline with the cowl opening for good cooling. With these goals in mind, he decided to construct a mount for the Mezon Controller with some stock plywood.


Secure the plywood into the place you want to mount and then drill pilot holes through the plywood and the carbonfiber motor box. Once the holes are drilled, bolt your plywood piece into place.


Now bolt the Mezon ESC into the desired position on the mount board.


NOTE: This step is not necessary, but it is a great way to adjust component location and weight distibution for CG instead of adding external LEAD weights.

This Electric Motor setup is brought to us by Team Rep: Brian Chenoweth


Thank you all for tunning in for our 78″ Extra 330 Raiden Electric Setup build guide supliment. For all other steps on the build please go check out the Aerobeez 78″ Extra 330 Raiden Build Log.

Happy Flying All!

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