Aerobeez 87″ 30% Scale Yak-55M 50cc Gas ARF RC Airplane Review

Posted by aerobeez On February - 6 - 2012

The Yak-55M is the modified version of the one of the best known Soviet aerobatic plane, Yak-55. The modification was made to accomodate a more aggressive and demanding acrobatic performance in competitions. We have re-designed and built a 30% scale version of this amazing classic aerobatic monster. This is a large scale Yak-55M plane which utilizes a 50-60cc gas engine for a true, realistic aerobatic flights.

Some of the major characteristics about the Yak-55M is it’s radial engine design, long and thin fuselage, bubble shaped canopy, and large thin wing.  The Yak-55 has gained much popularity during the 80’s due to it’s multiple wins in World Aerobatic Championship during that period of time. And the Yak-55M, which is a successor of the Yak-55, is a modified version which was designed with a shorter wing intended to have a faster roll rate.  The Yak-55M, though was short lived in production, has remained one of the true classic in aerobatic history in that era.

Aerobeez is offering this 30% scale version of the Yak-55M and it is designed with the purpose of providing scaled looks as well as aerobatic performance.  The new upgraded version comes with a newly designed structure that provides ease of assembly and better structural strength.  Wrapped in a unique black and orange color Monocote scheme, this one has got to turn heads in your local field.

Wing Span: 87″(2210 mm)
Length: 80-5/8″(2048 mm)
Wing Area: 1451 sq in(93.6 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 15-16.8lbs(6800-7600g)

The Aerobeez Yak-55M includes lots of great features. For example, it is designed with two-piece removable wings and stabilizers which makes building and transporting very easy.

Another nice feature is that the Aerobeez Yak-55M 50cc comes with all control surfaces slotted and pre-hinged, making building much easier.  All you need to do is applying glue on the hinge connectors and you would never have to worry about having to fit them properly because the slots are digitally measured.  The servo and control horn slots are also pre-cut. Although some of the slots are covered by the Monocote skin, it’s very easy to open by using a hobby knife or a solder gun.

The Aerobeez Yak-55M 50cc comes with all high quality hardwares for you to completely assemble the airplane.


1. Anodized aluminum long servo arms.

2. High quality ball joint control linkages.

3. Pull-pull rudder assemblies.

4. Fuel tank assemblies.

5. Screws and all other hardwares.

The Aerobeez Yak-55M 50cc is designed to work directly with a DLE 55 engine.  A mounting template is supplied to cut the mounting holes on the engine backplate.  Of course, a wide range of engine choices are also compatible with this airplane.  Also note that the engine thrust angle is built into the engine plate during the manufacturing process so all you need to do is pop that engine of your choice onto the plane and you are good to go.  This airplane is also build with a canister mount.

Note that the cowl is re-painted in a very nice checkerboard pattern. Also there is a built in cowl ring inside the cowl so the mounting screws would not be exposed to the outside for a cleaner and more realistic appearance.

The canopy is also pre-painted and assembled with tinted plasted cover.  It is being held down onto the fuslage by built in magnets as well as screws.

Same as the Aerobeez Yak-55M 30cc version, the Aerobeez Yak-55M 50cc also comes with a full set of carbon fiber parts such as main landing gear, wing tube, stabilizer tube, and tail gear bracket.

The landing gear assembly comes with a set of high quality polyurethane wheels and the Yak-55M signature rear mount wheel pants made with fiber glass and pre-painted.

Overall this is a really nice plane for its size, especially for the Yak-55M, and it comes with so many great features with simple to assemble designs.  It does help cut down the assembly time a lot.  In my opinion, it’s not an every day plane that you can just put in your compact and go.  To build it does take some 8-10 hours depending on your experience and skills level. And it would take some practice to master flying it.  But if you love classic planes and would love to take on the challenge, you would find that this Yak-55M has so much to offer.

Hopefully I would have a more detailed flight report on this plane soon.  Stay tuned for more info on this Aerobeez Yak-55M.

Thank you for reading.

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