Aerobeez Customer Testimonials: Steven Jones

Posted by aerobeez On May - 8 - 2015

Customer Name: Steven Jones

Location: FT. Lupton, Colorado

Feedback: I really like the Slick 540 it does everything I wanted. I’ve bought many kits and I think this was really complete. The servos recommended are plenty, the amount of throws are more than enough. Setting up surfaces in degree’s was new but the app on my phone made it easy and more accurate I think than inches. I powered it with DLE55ra its way powerful at a half throttle it hovers and we’re at 5000 feet with a 22-8 prop. I was impressed with how it balanced, balancing at 7″ and only battery weight it flew inverted almost hands off. Everything I used to complete the plane and the specs used we’re from the manufacturer except the spinner, tech support was very happy to help with any questions I had, replacement parts were sent asap. Again the plane flew great and it landed like thick wing planes I have and it seems to like wind, everything was set up according to the manufacturer even the radio settings. I set up at-60 % Futaba I was surprised how well the lower settings worked. All in all working with AeroBeez and the products, I would and will buy another plane.



89" Slick 540

Green Slick 540



55cc Slick 540

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