Today,  I would like to introduce to you Aerobeez’s new electric powered mid size aerobatic plane–Extra 330 50EP.

Here is the spec:

Wing Span: 57″ (1448 mm)
Length: 57″ (1448 mm)
Wing Area: 680 sq in(44 sq dm)
Fly Weight: 4.5-5.5 lbs(2041-2495g)

In my opinion, this plane is good for people who have been flying smaller electric planes and want to move onto something bigger and do not want to jump into gas engine category yet.  This is also a great plane for people who already own some larger size gas engine planes but are looking for a more easy to carry and easy to maintain electric 3D plane.

I personally think that this plane is big enough for serious aerobatic flying, yet it’s small enough for you to carry around. And on top of it, it very easy to build.  It is perfect if you have only a couple hours, you can just grab it and go.  You can basically enjoy 99% of your time at the field flying without dealing with any maintenance issues.  All you need is to have couple battery packs to spare.

Don’t be fooled by its smaller size compared to the gas engine planes.  The Aerobeez’s Extra 330 50EP is built with the purpose for serious 3D flying, from the design to its hardware.  For one,  it is equipped with carbon fiber parts in all the right places:

1. Carbon Fiber wing tube
2. Carbon Fiber tail wing tube
3. Carbon Fiber landing gear
4. Carbon Fiber tail wheel assemblies

It’s also got carbon fiber tubes running along both sides of the fuselage. These are the features that you would usually find in some of the bigger more expensive 30cc 3D models. This means that the Extra 330 is prepared for the most strenuous 3D flying!

Here are some additional features about the Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP:

1. 2-piece removable wings for easy transit.
2. Ball linkage control system included.
3. Pull-Pull rudder system.
4. Carbon fiber wing tubes.
5. Carbon fiber landing gear.
6. Covered in high quality Oracover.
7. Safe servo straps included
8. All hardware included.

The Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP is basically equipped with all the upgraded hardware you would need to build the plane.  It is so easy for a first time builder.  If you already have prior experience in build an ARF kit, you would be at the field flying it in less than 6 hours.

With the flying weight of around 5lbs and a 680 wing area,  you get about 13.5 of wing area per pound.  This plane can almost float in the air with minimal throttle.  Yet, the wing is not too big for high speed sport flying.  All you need is a power set up that is capable of generating about 1100W of power, this Extra 300 would become a beast in the air!

Below if some pictures of my Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP:

Here is the setup for my Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP: 

Motor: Hacker A40-14L
ESC: Castle Phoenix Ice 75 w/ memory for performance analysis.
Servos: 4 x Hitec HS-225MG
Radio: Futaba 7C w/ R617FS receiver
Battery: 6S 3000mAh 30C
Spinner: 2.5″
Prop: APC 14×7
CG location: about 4.5″ from leading edge at wing root.
I chose a smaller kV motor (355kV) with more battery cells because this way it draws less current(so far about 50amp at peak). The system runs a lot cooler at the same time provides the power that I need.

Here is where I get all my engine, ESC, and servos from:

They are very good with the customer service and was able to answer the questions I had.

I personally really enjoy flying this plane.  I am planning to use it to hone my aerobatic skills.  More pictures and videos about my Aerobeez Extra 330 will follow in my upcoming articles.  Please stay tuned.  For questions and suggestions, please email me at  Please feel free to visit for new products and promotions.  Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on facebook!  Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted with my flying progress.

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