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Posted by aerobeez On June - 14 - 2012

Whenever we start building a new airplane, we want it looks good and fly right. We start by taking our times going through reviews and online videos and compare different kits.  Most ARF kits provide good quality parts and most hardwares but there are some parts you may still need to get separately, such as a switch.  Or maybe  you want something extra, something that can give you the extra strength, reduce some weight, and to give your plane the professional looks and performance. But we all know that building a new large scale plane can get pricey. A standard 50cc size plane kit with the engine, servos, and all the other parts it can easily go over $1500.  Now if you are working on a tight budget and it leave you not much rooms for accessories, you may be spending more and more time trying to look for low cost upgrades. And when you finally find the parts that fits your budget and it may be some brands that you don’t really know or trust. If you are in the process of looking for great affordable professional airplane accessories, let me introduce you to Miracle RC accessories.  Miracles RC has been around for quite some time producing high quality airplane accessories and upgrade parts. They are specialized in making precision CNC aluminum parts that are strong and light. Their parts are also anodized in different  colors for durability and great appearance. Their main products are servo arms, gas plane switches, fuel dots, spinners, gas fuel filters, etc. Because of their good quality, Miracle RC are becoming quite populars among RC pilots. We have been using Miracle products some times now and their are very reliable that they became one of our bet choices. That’s why we decided to carry them. Let me introduce some of our Miracle RC products:

Miracle RC Dual Heavy Duty Switch For Gas Planes – Gold

Miracle RC Dual Heavy Duty Switch with Fuel Dot For Gas Planes – Blue

Miracle RC Heavy Duty Switch with Fuel Dot For Gas Planes – Purple

Miracle RC Rectangle Heavy Duty Switch For Gas Planes – Black

Miracle RC Heavy Duty Switch with Fuel Dot For Gas Planes – Red

The Miracle line of heavy duty switches is my person favorite switches. They are made really light and strong with aluminum cases. They come with different styles.  There are dual switches for receiver and ignition batteries. There are also single switch versions which are smaller in size if you are using a single battery. All of them come with battery charge plugs that allow you to charge the battery without having to remove it from the plane.  Both dual and single switch versions come with optional built in fuel dot which makes it so much easier for installation since you don’t need to open another hole for the fuel dot. It’s a great feature and the fuel dot cover has a rubber O-ring and it fits snugly with a rounded egde so there is a small recess on for you to pry the cover open with your fingers with ease.  All switches are anodized with a variety of colors that provide extra protection and also adds a great looks to the plane. I also particularly love the metal flip switch. It feels so crispy and solid.  Every time I flip the switch I get that “fire up the engine” in the cockpit feel (haha).

Miracle RC Heavy Duty 2″ Full Servo Arm For Hitec – Blue

Miracle RC Heavy Duty 2.5″ Full Servo Arm For Hitec – Blue

Another great line of Miracle’s products is their servo arms. The servo arms come in so many shapes and sizes.  There are ones made to fit Hitec, Futaba, and JR.  They are precision CNC machined and also cut to provide the maximum strength with the least amount of weight.

Miracle RC Heavy Duty Square Fuel Dot – Purple

Miracle RC Heavy Duty Round Fuel Dot – Red

Miracle RC Heavy Duty Triangle Fuel Dot – Gold

Not to be neglected are their lines of fuel dot products. They come in triangular, rectangle, and square shapes, also anodized in many different colors in beautiful finishes to fit the style and color scheme of your plane.

Miracle RC Anodized Aluminum Throw Meter – Blue

With the Miracle throw meter now you can get a precise trim for your aircraft.  Made with anodized aluminum and construct to provide you with accurate throw measurements.  A really sweet and reliable tool for trimming your aircraft. It’s convenient to carry it with you to the field to do any throw adjustments. Just clip on the control surface and you can get the measurement instantly.

Miracle RC T-Joint Fuel Filter – Gold

Miracle RC 3.5″ Aluminum 2-Blade Spinner for DLE55 Engines

For more Miracle RC products please click on the banner below. We will be sure to post any updates for more new products.  Thank you for reading our introduction=)


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