Aerobeez is stocking up for the summer. Are you?

Posted by aerobeez On May - 31 - 2012

With summer just around the corner and the long winter gone, we are excited to get our birds out from the garage and getting them ready for the summer.  Here in California we will be taking advantage of the long day time and the nice sunny days and we just can’t wait.  I hope you have built some cool kits over the winter and now it would be the time for them to shine.  Well maybe you were occupied during winter and haven’t had the time. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get a couple of nice and fun giant birds now because I am going introduce you to some of the new ARF models we offer which are extremely fun to fly and won’t take too much time to build.  Just side aside some 14 to 16 hours to set it up and you will be showing off your new cool looking plane at the field. So let’s see what is being offered!

If you are a big fan of round body aerobatic planes and have been flying smaller planes (or bigger), we have got the new Yak 54 30cc ARF:


Wing Span: 73″
Length: 67″
Wing Area: 1454 sq in
Fly Weight: 9.3-11 lbs

The yak 54 has a big wing area for very floaty and responsive 3D aerobatic maneuvers.  It is a good IMAC plane as well as just good fun sports flying. It also has a very nice clean color patterns. It flies like a bigger plane but it is small enough to fit in your compact.

It comes in both blue and orange versions:

The 30cc Sbach 300/342:

The Sbach 300/342 is a very unique plane in looks and performance. We have made it look very scaled with all the curves and color patterns. Don’t be fooled by its sexy look.  It is capable of performing anything aerobatic moves that you throw at it.  It’s sure to turn heads at the field.


Wing Span: 73″
Length: 69.5″
Wing Area: 1007 sq in
Fly Weight: 9.2-10.6 lbs

The Sbach 300 is a single seater version and the Sbach 342 is a double seater version.  We have them both in OEM thunderbolt as well as orange color schemes.  If you want it bigger we also have the Sbach 300 and Sbach 342 in 50cc size!

If you are trying to step up from a 30cc size planes, the good news is we are really stocking up on the new 50cc models for the summer.  Let’s take a look at the new 87″ 30% Edge 540:


Wing Span: 87″
Length: 82.7″
Wing Area: 1358 sq in
Fly Weight: 15-17 lbs

The Edge 540 is a very popular plane. They are known for their extremely high 3D aerobatic performances. It is ready for the most serious 3D pilots yet can be handled by most seasoned pilots. Now we have made it even better with lots of heavy duty hardware upgrades and carbon fiber parts that comes with the kit.  Two beautiful color schemes are available for this kit.

With these new models in town that are made with quality and precision in mind from design and finish, now you have more choices.  If you haven’t picked up your new kit for the summer I hope these would provide some good options for you. Don’t forget there are a lot of other exciting high performance planes at our store.  Visit often to see our new products.  You are also welcome to like our facebook fan page to keep up to date of our new products, specials and promotions. “Like” us on facebook, ask a question, leave a comment.  It is a fun and interesting place to interact with us and other RC pilots.  Reach us by phone, emails, or even live chat to get informations about our products. Our helpful staff would be happy to support your needs to get your plane up in the air.  Thanks for reading and have a happy summer flying!



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