Building Tip of the Week: Nut and Bolt Installation

Posted by aerobeez On August - 13 - 2014

Hello Aerobeez Pilots! Welcome to the another installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week. These tips will help with all types of model building, even if you don’t own an Aerobeez plane or have yet to take the first step into becoming an RC pilot. The intention is to help you improve your model building, set-up, and eventually flying skills.

So without further ado, today’s tip will focus on: Nut and Bolt Installation.

When you are trying to install nuts in various areas where it is difficult to reach with the “pinch ” method even using long needle nose pliers are difficult to apply the nuts because you can’t actually feel the bolt.  Pete uses a piece of house hold tape or blue tape rolled over and stuck to the tip of his finger.  Press the nut to the tape and now you can start the threads with just one finger.  Once the threads have been started, use a tool to complete the process.

Tape Method for Nut and Bolt Install

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