BuildingTip of the Week: Installing CA Hinges

Posted by aerobeez On February - 5 - 2015

Hey pilots, welcome back for another installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week! 2015 has been crazy busy with shows and new products, so we took a few weeks off from this series, but are happy to bring you a new tip today! If you are not familiar with CA hinges, this tip will help you see a good way to install them and if you are familiar, we hope this helps you improve how you already install them.

So without further ado, today’s tip : Installing CA Hinges

When installing CA hinges, we prefer to use T-pins or craft pins. If you do not have any T-pins, go to your local craft store and buy a box of craft pins. These pins will help greatly with the gluing and position of the CA hinges.


Once you have the pins that you prefer to use, insert two pins per CA hinge as seen here. This will keep the CA hinge in position for gluing. This will prevent the CA hinge from sliding too far into one side of the hinge slot.


Connect the control surface to the aircraft and when you are happy with your surface gap, use Thin CA to wick into the CA hinges. Pete always will add the thin CA to both sides of the CA hinges. When the CA cures, you can remove the pins from the surface.


Thank you as always for reading Pete’s Tip of the Week and check back for more each week!

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Now go enjoy your building and flying!

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