Building Tip of the Week: Slotting CA Hinges

Posted by aerobeez On April - 30 - 2015

Hey pilots, welcome back for another installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week! If you are not familiar with CA hinges, this tip will help you see a good way to install them and if you are familiar, we hope this helps you improve how you already install them.

So without further ado, today’s tip : Slotting CA Hinges

When installing CA hinges, we like to take a hobby knife and open up the slots for each hinge. This is not always necessary, but it is a good habit to get into as it will clear the slot of any particles and you can open up the hole a little bit for the perfect fitment. A little wiggle room from right to left is good and will allow a little adjustment. Taking the knife back and forth in the existing slot will also give a clean area and surface for when you are ready to secure the hinge with CA glue.

Once the hole has been cleaned and opened on each of the control surface areas, you can then test fit and add your center pins to insure that you get exactly half the hinge into each side of the control surface. Add your CA and you are set, those hinges should now have an excellent clean bond.



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