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64″ Electric Conversion MXS-R Shown At Joe Nall

Posted by aerobeez On August - 3 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

    Hey everyone! Our 64″ MXS-R that was released earlier this year has recently gotten some much deserved attention and one of our pilots has managed to put together an Electric conversion of the model. This model was designed for a 20cc gas motor, but converting to electric is a really nice way to go for this size.   Specs: Wing Span: 64 in (1625 mm) Length: 59 in (1500 mm) Wing Area: 776.55 sq. in (50.1 sq. dm) Fly Weight: 8.16-8.82 lbs (3700-4000g)   Electric Build: Motor:... more

Team Aerobeez Presents: Our Week at Joe Nall 2015

Posted by aerobeez On June - 17 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Hey everyone! If you did not know, this year was out first time at Joe Nall as a team with Team pilot Santiago Perez bringing some amazing flying to the field with the 64″ MXS-R electric conversion and the DA70 powered 93″ Extra 330! We had such a fun time over the course of the week at Joe Nall.  So many amazing planes and pilots.  We really enjoyed all the great conversations with everyone.  Looking forward to it again next year. So to recap we put together this short compilation... more

Pete and Santiago takes you for a fun flight with our 2015 SlickPro! This Slick is currently our team pilots favorite airframe! Amazing wide range of flight characteristic! 3D Huck or sport flying with crisp snap rolls and rock solid harriers! Enjoy the flight review! Some of Santiago’s points of emphasis on the model are the light weight build and build quality. Extremely light Strong frame with Carbon Fiber reinforcement Excellent aerobatic and 3D flight character   Santiago’s... more

New Aerobeez 73″ Yak 54 Intro Video

Posted by aerobeez On October - 25 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

With summer quickly goes by, we want to take as many opportunities as we can when there is still long enough day time to fly our planes. This week we took our newly built 73″ Yak 54 to the field for some flying demo video. It was a sunny day with mild wind in southern California. Just want we need for some acrobatic flying. Yak 54 has always been one of my favorite planes because I just love classic radial engine design planes. The Yak 54 is one of the best aerobatic planes of its class.... more

Flying the Aerobeez 65″ Yak 54 20cc Profile

Posted by aerobeez On August - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

It was a hot summer day in early august when we decided to take our new 65″ Yak 54 20cc profile to the field for video shooting. Other than video shooting, what we really wanted to do was to have the plane tested to its limit to see how it would hold up. It was about 101 degrees at 10am but the sky was clear so it was perfect for video shooting. Since we were using a brand new DLE 20 engine, we ran a couple tank of fuel to break it in before flying the little 3D monster.  After a few routine... more

Aerobeez 26% MXS-R 30cc Nigel Lamb Version

Posted by aerobeez On March - 28 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

We would like to thank Umitv for sharing his maiden flight for the Aerobeez 26% MXS-R on youtube which we have previously mentioned in our blog.  This time he has put a smoke system and shot a flying video of it.  This MXS-R is powered by a DLE 30 engine which provide ample power to the plane for extreme aerobatic flights.  Please enjoy this flying video and don’t forget to leave some nice comments for his video. Specifications: Wing Span: 75″ (1915 mm) Length: 69″ (1760 mm) Wing... more

Aerobeez 26% MXS-R 30cc Video by Umit

Posted by aerobeez On March - 20 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

I just came across a video for the maiden flight of Aerobeez’s 26% MXS-R 30cc video posted by Umit.  The MXS-R scheme in the video is the Redbull series Nigel Lamb version. It is absolutely beautiful and stunning in the sky. Here is the full spec for the plane: Wing Span: 75″ (1915 mm) Length: 69″ (1760 mm) Wing Area: 888 sq in (57.3 sq dm) Empty Weight: 7.8-8.6 lbs (3550-3800g) Fly Weight: 9.2-10.6 lbs (4200-4800g) We thank Umit for sharing the video and congratulations for the... more

Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP Flying Videos

Posted by aerobeez On January - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

The Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP is a really nice 3D aerobatic planes.  With a 57″ wingspan it’s very easy to carry around in a compact size car.  And it’s big enough for smooth maneuvers.  I didn’t have a camera with me this time so I had to use my iphone to capture the video.  But I just want to show you how the plane flies.  next time I will bring the video camera for more videos. The Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP hovers effortlessly.  The control is very smooth and agile.... more

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