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NEW Flying Wing for 2015 In Development

Posted by aerobeez On March - 5 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Hey everyone! What a great couple months 2015 has started off to. We have brought in our new lineup of planes and had great feedback from people at AMA and AEF with other shows lined up later this year. We have also been busy working on other new developments for one of the smaller EPP models that everyone enjoyed last year, the Aerobeez Flying Wings! We have been working with our factory to produce an improved version two of our 32″ Angry Bee and the 32″ Stinger. The designs you see... more

Flying Wing Step by Step Build Guide Pro Set-Up

Posted by aerobeez On November - 13 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hello pilots and builders and welcome back to another installment of our Step By Step Build Guide series! In this build log, Pete will show the different methods that can be used in building the Aerobeez fun wings. This is a modified Pro Set-Up that shows off some of the ways that you could improve or mod the basic set-up. Certain parts that come with the receiver ready kit will not be used to save weight and improve performance. These flying wings are completely customizable to your own preference. So,... more

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