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Aerobeez 91″ Slick 540 Step By Step Build Guide

Posted by aerobeez On November - 20 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Aerobeez 91” Slick Manual Hey there pilots and builders alike, welcome to our official Step by Step build guide and manual for the 91″ Slick 540 Banshee ARF kit! This manual will walk you through the steps to building our NEW Slick 540. First we will start with installing the landing gear. locate the screws needed for the landing gear (remember to use locktite!)   next we will install the landing gear cover, this can be done by using CA or epoxy. After installing the landing gear... more

Aerobeez 64″ MXS-R Build Manual Hello to all you builders and flyers out there, and welcome to our official Step by Step build guide and manual for the 64″ MXS-R ARF kit. This manual will walk you through the steps to building our MXS-R. Our MXS-R can be flown with either electric set ups or gas/nitro engines. First we will start with the wing assembly. Our MXS-R comes with CA hinges on every surface. Make sure when gluing the hinges to use thin CA on both sides of the hinge to get a... more

64″ Electric Conversion MXS-R Shown At Joe Nall

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    Hey everyone! Our 64″ MXS-R that was released earlier this year has recently gotten some much deserved attention and one of our pilots has managed to put together an Electric conversion of the model. This model was designed for a 20cc gas motor, but converting to electric is a really nice way to go for this size.   Specs: Wing Span: 64 in (1625 mm) Length: 59 in (1500 mm) Wing Area: 776.55 sq. in (50.1 sq. dm) Fly Weight: 8.16-8.82 lbs (3700-4000g)   Electric Build: Motor:... more

Team Aerobeez Presents: Our Week at Joe Nall 2015

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Hey everyone! If you did not know, this year was out first time at Joe Nall as a team with Team pilot Santiago Perez bringing some amazing flying to the field with the 64″ MXS-R electric conversion and the DA70 powered 93″ Extra 330! We had such a fun time over the course of the week at Joe Nall.  So many amazing planes and pilots.  We really enjoyed all the great conversations with everyone.  Looking forward to it again next year. So to recap we put together this short compilation... more

The Aerobeez 2015 EPP ARF Lineup is Now Here

Posted by aerobeez On March - 21 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Happy Friday to all the readers, flyers, and builders out there! The Aerobeez NEW 2015 EPP ARF Lineup is now here! You may have seen them at the AMA show in January, or caught a glimpse of them at the AEF, but now you can check out the finished product. We have gone through months of testing and development on our new models and created some really beautiful color schemes to show off these awesome 3D trainer EPP models! So without further ado, check them out for yourself, and we hope you like what... more

Pete and Santiago takes you for a fun flight with our 2015 SlickPro! This Slick is currently our team pilots favorite airframe! Amazing wide range of flight characteristic! 3D Huck or sport flying with crisp snap rolls and rock solid harriers! Enjoy the flight review! Some of Santiago’s points of emphasis on the model are the light weight build and build quality. Extremely light Strong frame with Carbon Fiber reinforcement Excellent aerobatic and 3D flight character   Santiago’s... more

Aerobeez VIP Ticket 55″ Edge EPP Giveaway!

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Hey all you Aerobeez pilots, builders, and fans! Only a few more weeks until our brand NEW 2015 EPP line-up arrives. We are really excited about our two new color versions of the 48″ Extra 330SC as well as our two new models that will be joining the 2015 line-up, the 55″ EDGE 540 and the 38″ Slick 540! Both of these new models will also come in two colors. We have shown off the Yellow and Black model Edge 540 at AMA and at AEF, but there will also be a Red version! To honor the... more

Aerobeez at the Arizona Electric Fest 2015

Posted by aerobeez On January - 29 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Hey all you pilots out there! This past weekend was a long and busy one, but AEF 2015 brought smiles from pilots and spectators alike. This four day event hosted pilots from all around the world and some of the coolest electric aircraft around. As the Arizona sun breaks the horizon, pilots are prepping and getting ready to take to the skies. Team Aerobeez was present with Team Pilots, Pete, Santiago, and Tomas, ready to show our awesome 2015 aircraft line. Here you can see Pete and Santiago taking... more

Maiden Day with the 70″ Slick Pro Electric

Posted by aerobeez On January - 24 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Hey friends and fans! What a great week this has been, but we have been supper busy with preparing for the Arizona Electric Fest. Before we head out to the show we were able to get the New 70″ Slick Pro up in the air for our maiden flight. It was a cold and foggy day, but we got some great pictures of the slick in action. This plane flies so smooth! Pete had it locked in and ready to hover right away. Pete Bringing the Slick Pro in for another hover!  Read More →

Building Tip of the Week: Blue Thread Lock

Posted by aerobeez On August - 6 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hello Aerobeez Pilots! Welcome to the first installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week. Even if you don’t own an Aerobeez plane or have yet to take the first step into becoming an RC pilot, these tips will help you improve your model building, set-up, and eventually flying skills. So without further ado, today’s tip will focus on: Blue Thread Lock. Always try to use Blue thread lock on all the machine screws when a “lock nut” is not being used on the opposing side.  Blue... more

I started one morning with the intent of a complete build of my Aerobeez 26% Slick 540 ARF and maiden the next day! Keep in mind this ARF includes all the hardware and a plumbed ready fuel tank! As I took the parts and components out of the box, I noticed the attention to detail in where each airframe piece was placed and taped in the box. Everything was super secure and the main box was very thick. I laid out my basic build tools a cup of coffee and my build begins. So super excited to get the... more

We are introducing to you the newest 48″ Sbach 342 full fuse EPP frame with balsa wood construction. This plane is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and cost. This offers the best platform to those who want to get into 3D flying or want to develop their skills with a durable full fuse frame. Specifications: Wingspan: 48″ Length: 48″ Wing area: 496 Flying weight: 40oz-45oz General configuration: Motor requirement: Power: 450W – 500W kV: 950kV-1000kV Weight:... more

This time we are going to talk about the new Aerobeez 30% Slick 540.  The 30% Slick 540 is one of the new 30% scale lines Aerobeez carries, along with the Edge 540, and Sbach 342. The Slick 540 is such an elegant airplane and we have expected so much performance and quality in it. It was definitely worth the wait. We were all very pleased with the outcome. Specifications: Wing Span: 87″ Length: 83″ Wing Area: 1426 sq in Fly Weight: 15-17 lbs Flying video: Powerplant: DLE 55 with 22x... more

Aerobeez 30% Sukhoi 26M Su-26M Gas ARF

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When you talk about aerobatic planes with radial engine, you would not neglect the Su-26.  It is one of the most successful aerobatic planes produced by Soviet Union and has dominated the aerobatic aviation world during the 80’s.  It has remained a true classic for it’s looks, flight performance, and its legend.  Because it’s such a beautiful plane with great flight characteristic, Aerobeez is carry the 30% scale of the Su-26M. Specifications: Wing Span: 89″(2270 mm) Length:... more

Aerobeez 26% MXS-R 30cc Nigel Lamb Version

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We would like to thank Umitv for sharing his maiden flight for the Aerobeez 26% MXS-R on youtube which we have previously mentioned in our blog.  This time he has put a smoke system and shot a flying video of it.  This MXS-R is powered by a DLE 30 engine which provide ample power to the plane for extreme aerobatic flights.  Please enjoy this flying video and don’t forget to leave some nice comments for his video. Specifications: Wing Span: 75″ (1915 mm) Length: 69″ (1760 mm) Wing... more

Sneak Peek: Aerobeez 118″ PZL-104 Wilga 100cc

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Full scale Wilga is designed by Polish as a Short takeoff and landing civilian utility aircraft. It is a very popular plane for gliders towing and parachute training. Now we made it available in 100cc scale RC version, the Wilga 100cc ARF plane is bult and designed from the ground up for a realistic and smooth RC flight aimed to please the most serious giant scale RC enthusiasts. It would be the perfect tow vehicle for RC gliders. The DLE111 would be a perfect power plant for this giant bird. Scheduled... more

Aerobeez 30% 89″ Yak-54 Gas RC Plane

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Specifications: Wing Span: 89″ Length: 82″ Wing Area: 1454 sq in Fly Weight: 15-16.8 lbs Some of the features includes: 1. New construction designed for light weight. 2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile. 3. Pre-hinged ailerons for quick installation. 3. 2-piece removable wings and stabilizers for easy transit. 4. Fully symmetrical tail wing airfoil. 5. Ball linkage control system. 6. Polyurethane wheels. 7. Carbon fiber wing tubes. 8. Carbon fber... more

Welcome to Aerobeez!

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Hi fellow RC Pilots, First I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Aerobeez.  We are a manufacturer for RC plane products and distribute them under the name “Aerobeez”.  Our mission is very simple—to promote the fun hobby of RC flying.  We are airplane lovers who would love to introduce to more people about this great hobby.  And we are doing it by developing good quality products and offer them at a reasonable price.  We also believe in providing great supports to... more

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