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Aerobeez 89″ Yak 55 Step by Step Build Guide

Posted by aerobeez On October - 29 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hi Pilots!  Welcome to our hands on Step by Step Aerobeez 30% YAK-55 build blog!  This is a Pro build by our team pilot Santiago Perez.  As always having experience with putting an ARF together is good, but with our guide even an inexperienced builder should be able to put this kit together in about 10-12 hours. Look for “Pro Tip’s” that are unique tricks and tips called out by Santiago Perez and our notes that will help walk you through this build like a seasoned pro. These... more

Building Tip of the Week: Blue Thread Lock

Posted by aerobeez On August - 6 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hello Aerobeez Pilots! Welcome to the first installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week. Even if you don’t own an Aerobeez plane or have yet to take the first step into becoming an RC pilot, these tips will help you improve your model building, set-up, and eventually flying skills. So without further ado, today’s tip will focus on: Blue Thread Lock. Always try to use Blue thread lock on all the machine screws when a “lock nut” is not being used on the opposing side.  Blue... more

Aerobeez 88″ 30% MXS-R 50cc Gas Airplane

Posted by aerobeez On July - 12 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Photo by: Mark G. The MXS-R is one of the newer exciting aerobats in the market.  It is gaining much of popularity due to its new unique design. The original full scale MXS-R was featured in Redbull air race series. And was flown by renowned pilots such as Nigel Lamb and  late Alejandro Macclean.  The MXS-R was a successful aerobatic plane for being fast, light, and aerodynamic efficient.  This is due to the fact that the whole body was made of composite material, which allows it to have a much... more

Aerobeez 2012 71″ Pitts Python 50cc Bi-Plane

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The 71″ Pitts Python Bi-Plane M12 50cc ARF: Specifications: Wing Span: 71″ Length: 63″ Wing Area: Flying Weight: 16 -17.5lbs Features: The Aerobeez 71″ Pitts Python Bi-Plane is a great replica of the classic bi-plane. It has a very scaled look with a beautiful color scheme.  Like all our other airplane models, performance is always our top priority while not sacrificing the strength and build integrity. This plane is weighing at around 16 lbs AUW.  For a... more

Aerobeez 30% 89″ Yak-54 Gas RC Plane

Posted by aerobeez On March - 8 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Specifications: Wing Span: 89″ Length: 82″ Wing Area: 1454 sq in Fly Weight: 15-16.8 lbs Some of the features includes: 1. New construction designed for light weight. 2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile. 3. Pre-hinged ailerons for quick installation. 3. 2-piece removable wings and stabilizers for easy transit. 4. Fully symmetrical tail wing airfoil. 5. Ball linkage control system. 6. Polyurethane wheels. 7. Carbon fiber wing tubes. 8. Carbon fber... more

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