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Maiden Day with the 70″ Slick Pro Electric

Posted by aerobeez On January - 24 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Hey friends and fans! What a great week this has been, but we have been supper busy with preparing for the Arizona Electric Fest. Before we head out to the show we were able to get the New 70″ Slick Pro up in the air for our maiden flight. It was a cold and foggy day, but we got some great pictures of the slick in action. This plane flies so smooth! Pete had it locked in and ready to hover right away. Pete Bringing the Slick Pro in for another hover!  Read More →

Building Tip of the Week: Blue Thread Lock

Posted by aerobeez On August - 6 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hello Aerobeez Pilots! Welcome to the first installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week. Even if you don’t own an Aerobeez plane or have yet to take the first step into becoming an RC pilot, these tips will help you improve your model building, set-up, and eventually flying skills. So without further ado, today’s tip will focus on: Blue Thread Lock. Always try to use Blue thread lock on all the machine screws when a “lock nut” is not being used on the opposing side.  Blue... more

We are excited to introduce our first flying wings–Angry Bee and Stinger.  Each color scheme has two versions–Push Prop & EDF.  In this build review, we are going to go over how to put together the push prop version. And we are using the Angry Bee for this build. This kit is so easy to put together, since the motor box is already assembled. And the servos slots are already cut out. If you are a fast builder, it would only take you 1 hour (including the time for the glue to set)... more

We are introducing to you the newest 48″ Sbach 342 full fuse EPP frame with balsa wood construction. This plane is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and cost. This offers the best platform to those who want to get into 3D flying or want to develop their skills with a durable full fuse frame. Specifications: Wingspan: 48″ Length: 48″ Wing area: 496 Flying weight: 40oz-45oz General configuration: Motor requirement: Power: 450W – 500W kV: 950kV-1000kV Weight:... more

Aerobeez 57″ Extra 330 50EP

Posted by aerobeez On February - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Today I received some really nice pictures from RobscoRC in Canada as they just tried out our 57″ Extra 330 50EP. Big thanks to RobscoRC for sharing the photos! Checkout their youtube channel at          Read More →

Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP Flying Videos

Posted by aerobeez On January - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

The Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP is a really nice 3D aerobatic planes.  With a 57″ wingspan it’s very easy to carry around in a compact size car.  And it’s big enough for smooth maneuvers.  I didn’t have a camera with me this time so I had to use my iphone to capture the video.  But I just want to show you how the plane flies.  next time I will bring the video camera for more videos. The Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP hovers effortlessly.  The control is very smooth and agile.... more

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