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Building Tip of the Week: Wicking the Motor Box

Posted by aerobeez On August - 27 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hello Aerobeez Pilots! Welcome to the our 3rd installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week. These tips will help with all types of model building, even if you don’t own an Aerobeez plane or have yet to take the first step into becoming an RC pilot. The intention is to help you improve your model building, set-up, and eventually flying skills. So without further ado, today’s tip will focus on: Wicking the Motor Box. This tip will significantly assists in the overall strength of the motor box and any... more

Building Tip of the Week: Nut and Bolt Installation

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Hello Aerobeez Pilots! Welcome to the another installment of Pete’s Tip of the Week. These tips will help with all types of model building, even if you don’t own an Aerobeez plane or have yet to take the first step into becoming an RC pilot. The intention is to help you improve your model building, set-up, and eventually flying skills. So without further ado, today’s tip will focus on: Nut and Bolt Installation. When you are trying to install nuts in various areas where it is difficult... more

Aerobeez 73″ Sbach 300 Step by Step Build Guide

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Hello Aerobeez Pilots and welcome to our 73″ Sbach 300 Build Guide! Like the previous two articles this build guide will walk you through step by step as you build your new 73″ Sbach 300 ARF Kit. Having experience with putting any ARF together is good, but with our guide even an inexperienced builder should be able to put this kit together in about 10-12 hours. Look for “Pete’s Tip’s” and our notes that will help walk you through this build like a seasoned pro.... more

In this article we will show you a step by step build process of the Aerobeez 48″ Extra 330 EPP.  This plane is made for extreme 3D flight, yet with an EPP skin this plane is virtually maintenance free.  And setting it up is a breeze.  If you have experience with putting any ARF together. This build should take you no more than 2-3 hours to finish. NOTE: The frame pictured in this build is of an older scheme, but all of the steps are the same on our new kit. Wing retainer hooks have been... more

We are excited to introduce our first flying wings–Angry Bee and Stinger.  Each color scheme has two versions–Push Prop & EDF.  In this build review, we are going to go over how to put together the push prop version. And we are using the Angry Bee for this build. This kit is so easy to put together, since the motor box is already assembled. And the servos slots are already cut out. If you are a fast builder, it would only take you 1 hour (including the time for the glue to set)... more

I started one morning with the intent of a complete build of my Aerobeez 26% Slick 540 ARF and maiden the next day! Keep in mind this ARF includes all the hardware and a plumbed ready fuel tank! As I took the parts and components out of the box, I noticed the attention to detail in where each airframe piece was placed and taped in the box. Everything was super secure and the main box was very thick. I laid out my basic build tools a cup of coffee and my build begins. So super excited to get the... more

Maiden Day for the new 30-35cc Slick540!

Posted by Pete On November - 4 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Got to the field early morning around 8:30.  Couldn’t sleep much the night before as I was so super excited about the maiden flight.  I’m sure all you pilots know the feeling!  The day was overcast and chilly as I assembled the Slick540 with main wings.  Let’s back track a bit.  The morning starts off with me forgetting something at my workshop.  As I pulled into the field, I had to turn around and go home to pick up an important part I forgot.  Now back to the ready to control... more

Maiden Day of our new 30% Slick540!

Posted by Pete On October - 16 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

The day started actually the night before with me prepping the new Aerobeez Slick 540.  Tuning and making sure all the programming is correct, checking and checking again all the screws, bolts, and fasteners.  You can never be too safe with a giant scale airplane!  I am building this Slick 540 to be HUCKED!  Checking all the XQ Power servos for correct travel amounts and setting all my rates/expos for the Miracle Arms.  Time to go to bed… can’t sleep!  Visions of torque rolls, pop... more

New Aerobeez 73″ Yak 54 Intro Video

Posted by aerobeez On October - 25 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

With summer quickly goes by, we want to take as many opportunities as we can when there is still long enough day time to fly our planes. This week we took our newly built 73″ Yak 54 to the field for some flying demo video. It was a sunny day with mild wind in southern California. Just want we need for some acrobatic flying. Yak 54 has always been one of my favorite planes because I just love classic radial engine design planes. The Yak 54 is one of the best aerobatic planes of its class.... more

Flying the Aerobeez 65″ Yak 54 20cc Profile

Posted by aerobeez On August - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

It was a hot summer day in early august when we decided to take our new 65″ Yak 54 20cc profile to the field for video shooting. Other than video shooting, what we really wanted to do was to have the plane tested to its limit to see how it would hold up. It was about 101 degrees at 10am but the sky was clear so it was perfect for video shooting. Since we were using a brand new DLE 20 engine, we ran a couple tank of fuel to break it in before flying the little 3D monster.  After a few routine... more

The Sbach 300/ 342 has been a very popular and sought after plane due to its unique and beautiful design. We have received lots of attentions since we started carrying the Sbach 300 and Sbach 342. However, lot of people have questions about whether it would perform as well as it looks. So this time we are giving a flight review on the Sbach 300. Flying Video: Specifications: Wing Span: 73″ Length: 69.5″ Wing Area: 1007 sq in Fly Weight: 9.2-10.6 lbs Equipments: Powerplant: DLE 30 gas... more

This time we are going to talk about the new Aerobeez 30% Slick 540.  The 30% Slick 540 is one of the new 30% scale lines Aerobeez carries, along with the Edge 540, and Sbach 342. The Slick 540 is such an elegant airplane and we have expected so much performance and quality in it. It was definitely worth the wait. We were all very pleased with the outcome. Specifications: Wing Span: 87″ Length: 83″ Wing Area: 1426 sq in Fly Weight: 15-17 lbs Flying video: Powerplant: DLE 55 with 22x... more

Aerobeez 30% Sukhoi 26M Su-26M Gas ARF

Posted by aerobeez On April - 5 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

When you talk about aerobatic planes with radial engine, you would not neglect the Su-26.  It is one of the most successful aerobatic planes produced by Soviet Union and has dominated the aerobatic aviation world during the 80’s.  It has remained a true classic for it’s looks, flight performance, and its legend.  Because it’s such a beautiful plane with great flight characteristic, Aerobeez is carry the 30% scale of the Su-26M. Specifications: Wing Span: 89″(2270 mm) Length:... more

Aerobeez 26% MXS-R 30cc Video by Umit

Posted by aerobeez On March - 20 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

I just came across a video for the maiden flight of Aerobeez’s 26% MXS-R 30cc video posted by Umit.  The MXS-R scheme in the video is the Redbull series Nigel Lamb version. It is absolutely beautiful and stunning in the sky. Here is the full spec for the plane: Wing Span: 75″ (1915 mm) Length: 69″ (1760 mm) Wing Area: 888 sq in (57.3 sq dm) Empty Weight: 7.8-8.6 lbs (3550-3800g) Fly Weight: 9.2-10.6 lbs (4200-4800g) We thank Umit for sharing the video and congratulations for the... more

Aerobeez 25% Sbach 342 Orange Scheme

Posted by aerobeez On March - 6 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Recently a customer sent us the links to two youtube videos which he did for our 25% Sbach 342 orange scheme and we found them very interesting and informative.  He did a pretty detailed and thorough review on the plane itself.  But the more interesting part is that he did a time lapsed recording of the build process which is also pretty amazing.  I decided to post the videos here. The videos are split to part 1 and 2.  The build recording is in part 2.  We thank him for doing such a great review... more

Aerobeez 57″ Extra 330 50EP

Posted by aerobeez On February - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Today I received some really nice pictures from RobscoRC in Canada as they just tried out our 57″ Extra 330 50EP. Big thanks to RobscoRC for sharing the photos! Checkout their youtube channel at          Read More →

The Yak-55M is the modified version of the one of the best known Soviet aerobatic plane, Yak-55. The modification was made to accomodate a more aggressive and demanding acrobatic performance in competitions. We have re-designed and built a 30% scale version of this amazing classic aerobatic monster. This is a large scale Yak-55M plane which utilizes a 50-60cc gas engine for a true, realistic aerobatic flights. Some of the major characteristics about the Yak-55M is it’s radial engine design,... more

Ever noticed that wherever you go there always seem to be people flying a yak55 RC plane? In fact we see so many Yak-55 replica in RC world from as small as micro size foamies, to park flyers, to giant scale, you name it.  The Yak-55 has won many World Aerobatic Champions in 80’s.  It has a unique look and design and has remained a legend in aerobatic aviation.  Some of the unique features about the Yak-55M include it’s radial engine without a spinner, long fuselage, round teardrop... more

Today,  I would like to introduce to you Aerobeez’s new electric powered mid size aerobatic plane–Extra 330 50EP. Here is the spec: Wing Span: 57″ (1448 mm) Length: 57″ (1448 mm) Wing Area: 680 sq in(44 sq dm) Fly Weight: 4.5-5.5 lbs(2041-2495g) In my opinion, this plane is good for people who have been flying smaller electric planes and want to move onto something bigger and do not want to jump into gas engine category yet.  This is also a great plane for people who already... more

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