Sbach 342 48" Epp Full Fuse

We are introducing to you the newest 48″ Sbach 342 full fuse EPP frame with balsa wood construction. This plane is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and cost. This offers the best platform to those who want to get into 3D flying or want to develop their skills with a durable full fuse frame.


  • Wingspan: 48″
  • Length: 48″
  • Wing area: 496
  • Flying weight: 40oz-45oz

General configuration:
Motor requirement:

  • Power: 450W – 500W
  • kV: 950kV-1000kV
  • Weight: 130g – 170g

ESC: 40A continuous with 60A burst.
Battery: 3S 2200mAH – 2650mAH
Propeller: 13 x 6.5
Serovs: 14g – 20g with – torgue, ie. HS-65MG or anything equivalent in size and torque.

Initially developed by Future model, this 48″ EPP full fuse Sbach 342 is the first of its kind to have balsa wood construction in a EPP frame.  The result is a durable frame with full fuse 3D performance. If you drop it just pick it up and fly again.  Even if you have a harder than normal drop, you can simply glue the pieces back like you would with any EPP foamies.  This plane bridges the gap between an EPP profile and a full wood frame. It would definitely extend your flight envelop and better prepare you for bigger size 3D planes.

But don’t be fooled by its EPP construction. This Sbach 342 is a 3D monster in its own right. Hovering, harrier, inverted harrier, rolls, and tumbles, it does it all. The wood frame gives the plane a structure rigid enough to handle lots of high stress maneuver with reasonable precision.  As soon as you take the control sticks you would be surprised by how energetic this plane is.

If you are not ready for 3D yet, don’t worry. This 48″ Sbach 342 is extremely light with a large wing area. Just dial down the control throws, you would have yourself a super nice sport flyer.

We have tested this model extensively here in the US and made a few improvements to the model.  It will be available in the US in June exclusively by Aerobeez .

You can find more detail on Aerobeez website and facebook page.  We will be loading up  with flight videos, build videos, and photos.  Aerobeez will be taking pre-orders some time in May. Official date will be announced in Aerobeez newsletter, facebook page, and website.   Come check often!



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