Maiden Day for the new 30-35cc Slick540!

Posted by Pete On November - 4 - 2013

Got to the field early morning around 8:30.  Couldn’t sleep much the night before as I was so super excited about the maiden flight.  I’m sure all you pilots know the feeling!  The day was overcast and chilly as I assembled the Slick540 with main wings.  Let’s back track a bit.  The morning starts off with me forgetting something at my workshop.  As I pulled into the field, I had to turn around and go home to pick up an important part I forgot.  Now back to the ready to control surface test and tune.  I go to grab my digital surface throw gauge, to find I left it ON and the power was out.  This is why I need to get the Miracle Surface throw gauge from Aerobeez.  No batteries needed! I roughly measured the throws and perform a range and surface test.  All looks great and off to the large scale engine start area.  Primed the DLE-35RA, choke on, ignition on, a couple of flips on the prop and she pops.  Choke off and a couple more flips and she starts right up.  Taxied out to the main runway and one more surface check, throttle to full to “blow out” the motor and I was ready for take off.  Throttle up and slight pull on the elevator stick my Slick540 is airborne!  I make a few clicks of trim adjustment on the ailerons and elevators and ready for the photo shoot fly by’s.  2 slow over the runway fly by’s and I head a bit higher for a high speed roll and CG check.  I perform a series of Rifle Rolls at full throttle, and I immediately feel something is not right with the motor.  I throttle back and no response.  Control surfaces all still responding but no throttle.  I proceed to stay calm and make a right turn as the throttle drops back to idle position.  I knew right away not too bleed off too much air speed down wind so I spin her back around and lined up with the runway for a landing.  Smooth as butter landing and the motor shuts off as I touched down.  So what happened?  Well, the throttle servo had an internal issue.  I can hear the servo spinning but no movement.  Good thing the DLE-35RA has a built in spring that pushes the throttle position to the lowest if a failure was to occur with the throttle servo.  That was the conclusion of my maiden day!  For how short the flight was on the maiden, I can tell this Slick540 is going to be AMAZING!  Stay tuned friends as I will being your flight #2 shortly!

aerobeez slick 540 30cc


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