Maiden Day of our new 30% Slick540!

Posted by Pete On October - 16 - 2013

The day started actually the night before with me prepping the new Aerobeez Slick 540.  Tuning and making sure all the programming is correct, checking and checking again all the screws, bolts, and fasteners.  You can never be too safe with a giant scale airplane!  I am building this Slick 540 to be HUCKED!  Checking all the XQ Power servos for correct travel amounts and setting all my rates/expos for the Miracle Arms.  Time to go to bed… can’t sleep!  Visions of torque rolls, pop tops, hovers all up in my head!  I was so antsy, I went back downstairs into my workshop aka “Man Cave” where I just sat and starred at the beauty of this new Slick!  Okay enough.. had a peanut butter Pop Tart and a glass of milk.  Off to bed again.

Below are some pictures I took during my build:

Slick 540 noseSlick 540 fuselage

XQ-S4120 High Voltage Servo

4" Carbon fiber spinner

DLE 55RA Gas Engine

Slick 540 side force generator


The morning arrived and I was up at 5am getting all the batteries, fuel, equipment all ready.  My JR radio all charged up, receiver packs all at a peak charge, I started loading.  The anticipation of the maiden flight has butterflies in my stomach!  I’m sure all you pilots know the feeling all too well!  I arrived at my local field and unloaded.  Greeted by many of the field regulars and friends.  As I assembled the Slick, main wings bolted in, fueled the DLE-55RA, I chatted with a group of pilots that constantly commented on how gorgeous this Slick540 is!  Questions were asked about 3D flying, IMAC flying, and sport flying etc.  I love chatting it up in the pits with everyone!  Okay time to fire up the DLE-55RA for break in!  Strapped the Slick down and my dad held onto the Slick as well.  I primed the DLE with choke on and about 10 1/4 revolutions at full throttle without actually “popping” the motor and the ignition OFF.  Throttle back down, crack the throttle stick a bit, choke still on, ignition now ON and I flip the New motor for the first time.  2 flips and she pops!  Choke turned to off and now starting the motor for actual run.  3 flips, she pops and 5 flip, she’s running!  I just LOVE these DLE RA’s!  They are so very strong and reliable!  I let her run for about 1/4 of the tank to seat the rings on the piston and it was time for the maiden flight.  These motors like to be broken in on the rich side and in flight with air flow over the motor.  Refueled to full and off to the runway.  I’m excited and very nervous at the same time.  With a crowd gathered to watch, I ran the throttle from idle to high a couple of times to “blow her out”.  Lined up with the runway, wind into the direction of the Xoar propeller, and I throttled up.. a touch of right rudder and she was airborne!!  Right turn and gave 3 clicks of left aileron trim and one 2 clicks of rudder trim and she was level and hands off tracking!  Gave her a roll to inverted to check the cg and she was almost hands off inverted flight!  I like my 3D airplanes to be neutral on the CG.  Tail heavy does not mean a better 3D RC Airplane.  I continued to do smooth vertical up lines with a stall turn and throttle back to cool off the motor on the down line.  A few big round loops with a couple of snap rolls on top, and some clean slow point rolls.  Okay time to land.  I pointed her into the wind, throttled back and she floated on in almost hands off if not for some switching winds! Okay on the ground safe!  I took a deep breath and shut the motor down.  Checked the fuel level, checked the linkages, and lipo levels.  All was perfect!  Time for a Diet Coke and a seat.  Maiden flight thoughts:  This Slick 540 and the DLE-55RA combo is the perfect airplane for pretty much anyone.  The bigger they are the better they fly!  She tracked straight as an arrow!  Rolls were axial and precise.  Knife edge flight with little elevator input and the SFG’s definitely helped!  This Slick is extremely floaty and with any flying experience above novice, she can be tamed down to be like a trainer!  Maiden flight is a great success!

Aerobeez Slick 540

Getting the new DLE 55RA broken in

Aerobeez Slick 540

Last check on throttle response and ready to go


Aerobeez Slick 540

Off she goes!

Aerobeez Slick 540

Maiden was nice and smooth. Post fight check shows everything in great condition.

Time for flight 2.  Refueled once again and with a crowd knowing on this flight I was planning on “wringing her out” a bit.  I throttled up and she took off.  A few feet after airborne I roll inverted and push to a vertical up line.  Stall turn on top and continue inverted flyby runway center with the rudder a few feet from the pavement.  Pushed to a full throttle vertical up line and POP TOP!  WOWOWOWOW!  My thoughts were!  The Pop Tops were amazing!  She rotated so many times I couldn’t count how many!  I go into rolling harriers and roll slow and down low into a hover.  Center hovering with out torque rolling is almost too easy.  Very little aileron input to keep her from torquing.  I don’t suggest any pilot do this, but I love walking up to my plane in a hover and hover around myself.  The winds started back up and I throttle out of a hover.  My Slick pulls straight up and out!  Up into a inverted flat spin and it was slow and flat as can be!  Now time or a slow rolling BIG circle.  So very smooth and clean on the lines!  Now into some IMAC maneuvers.  Snaps into knife edge stops on a dime!  2 1/2 Snaps to inverted so crisp!  No some overall fun throw down while still not trying to over work my new DLE!  Tumbles like crazy!  One more high speed rifle rolls across the runway and it was time to land as my timer sounds.  I climbed out high, put her into a “Death Slide” and added throttle when she was low enough into a slip landing.  Touched down and left aileron input to wing wag and bow at the pilots and spectators watching!

Aerobeez Slick 540

The New Slick 540 with SFG installed flies totally like a dream

Aerobeez Slick 540

My favorite part--hover the plane around myself (not recommended for anyone)

Aerobeez Slick 540

Aerobeez Slick 540

The plane is so light and floaty. Landing is no brainer.

Overview, WOW.  Just wow!  I have never felt so connected to a 3D airplane as I do with this Slick!  Feeling confidence and comfortable is a key to a successful flight.  I am excited for future flights and videos coming with this Slick!  I will also be using this Slick to compete in the 2014 IMAC Season.  To me, Aerobeez has a true winner with this Slick.  From ease of build to the flight character.  10’s all across the board for me!  Stay tuned for more updates and video!  Check us on facebook, twitter, instagram and our social networks to see what we are doing!


Happy Flying Everyone!


~Team Aerobeez~

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