New Aerobeez 73″ Yak 54 Intro Video

Posted by aerobeez On October - 25 - 2012

With summer quickly goes by, we want to take as many opportunities as we can when there is still long enough day time to fly our planes. This week we took our newly built 73″ Yak 54 to the field for some flying demo video. It was a sunny day with mild wind in southern California. Just want we need for some acrobatic flying.

Yak 54 has always been one of my favorite planes because I just love classic radial engine design planes. The Yak 54 is one of the best aerobatic planes of its class. The one we built is with white and blue color scheme with some black and silver trim and checker board cowl, wing tip and stab tip. I like the way that it looks so clean and classy. I fell in love with it the first second I saw it. And had been looking forward to see it take flight.

Speaking of the plane kit, this is one of the most easily assembled plane we have got. All the hardware was supplied. In fact, we used all stock hardware on this plane including, control hinges, control horns, fiber glass servo arms.  We used  standard Futaba heavy duty switch on this one.  And dropped in a DLE 30cc engine with 19 x 8 Xoar beechwood prop.  It was a good prop for the plane but after the flight we figured the DLE 30 would probably have handled a 19×6 prop better. It will have higher rpm and will give the plane a boost in power.

As with all of our other 30cc size plane kits, the Yak 54 comes with upgraded carbon fiber main and tail gears.  We decided to put a 3.5″ carbon fiber spinner to match the landing gear. The plane was designed in a way that the assembly procedure is pretty straight forward and standard among our 30cc planes line. If you have built one of Aerobeez planes, this one would be a no brainer.  It took us less than 12 hours to put everything together and set it up for flight.

The Yak 54 isn’t new in the market. But this Yak looks so fresh, so light, and performance oriented.  The AUW turns out to the around 12lbs.  It is in the middle range compared to our other 30cc planes.  But makes no mistake, due to the huge wing area (1454 sq. in), the plane feels light as a feather in the sky.  The controls is very responsive.  And it has decent roll rate and awesome speed.

If you are not into 3D flying and just looking for a good quality, nice looking plane with precise controls, or if you are a beginner trying to get into gas plane, the Yak 54 would be a perfectly choice.  It is so easy to control, and with predictable flying characteristic. However, it also very 3D capable.  It would definitely grow with your skills as you become more experienced.

If you are a seasoned 3D pilot and looking for a smaller gas plane to polish your skills, or practice IMAC style flying, this Yak 54 is a good choice.  It is fast, precise, and with incredible power. Designed to work directly with DLE 30, the setup is affordable yet providing amazing results.

Overall, the Yak 54 is a very aerobatic capable plane. It is small enough to fit in most compact cars and easy to build.  It is suitable for new or experienced gas pilots.  And you can set it up for a very attractive price.

Happy flying!

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