Aerobeez Summer Contest & Giveaway

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Thank you everyone for giving us so much feedback on our Aerobeez ARF Summer Contest. You have spoken and we listened. We would like to get everyone of all ages involved in our passion. To enter STARTING AUG 1ST, simply… Step 1. Make a fan sign (of any size) and take a picture of yourself that shows your support for Aerobeez with the sign. Step 2.  Post the picture to our time line on Facebook. Like our page if you haven’t already so that you can follow the contest. Or Post a your... more

Aerobeez 74″ Slick 540 Step by Step Build Guide

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Hello Aerobeez Pilots and welcome back! In this article we will walk you through step by step as you build your new 74″ Slick 540 ARF Kit. If you have experience with putting any ARF together, this build should take you about 10-12 hours to finish. Even if this is your first ARF build, our tips and tricks will help walk you through like a seasoned pro. Here is what the 74″ Slick 540 will look like once complete! Step 1.2:  Locate the landing gears, wheel pants, and landing gear axles... more

Team Aerobeez Fun Day out flying with the Pros!

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Couple weekends ago we spent the day out at the Apollo Field with a few of our pro pilot friends!  There was non stop laughing and fun while hucking a few Aerobeez ARF planes.  During the day we tried all the standard 3D maneuvers on our new 30cc Yak-54 with DLE-30 motor and even invented a few new ones (horizontal pop-top/pinwheel) that we thought would break the wings off! Aerobeez Team pilot Santiago checking the Yak 54 before flight Check out some videos from the event here: We also had a... more

Aerobeez 73″ 26% Yak 54 30cc ARF

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Specifications: Wing Span: 73″ Length: 67″ Wing Area: 1454 sq in Fly Weight: 9 -11 lbs Some of the features includes: 1. New construction designed for light weight. 2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile. 3. Pre-hinged ailerons for quick installation. 3. 2-piece removable wings and stabilizers for easy transit. 4. Fully symmetrical tail wing airfoil. 5. Ball linkage control system. 6. Polyurethane wheels. 7. Carbon fiber wing tubes. 8. Carbon fber... more

As most of our planes come with lots of pre-fabricated parts and quick assembly features, you may notice though the wheel pants for our 26% Yak-55M are not pre-drilled (Hey, we can’t make every too easy otherwise where is the fun right!) So, to better help  making your installation smooth and easy (and fun of course), I am posting the steps here on how to properly install the wheel pants on the Yak-55M. First, fit the wheel pant onto the landing gear where it’s supposed to sit.  Then... more

Aerobeez 26% MXS-R 30cc Nigel Lamb Version

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We would like to thank Umitv for sharing his maiden flight for the Aerobeez 26% MXS-R on youtube which we have previously mentioned in our blog.  This time he has put a smoke system and shot a flying video of it.  This MXS-R is powered by a DLE 30 engine which provide ample power to the plane for extreme aerobatic flights.  Please enjoy this flying video and don’t forget to leave some nice comments for his video. Specifications: Wing Span: 75″ (1915 mm) Length: 69″ (1760 mm) Wing... more

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