Aerobeez 2016 Slick 540 48″ Mini Banshee EPP Hybrid ARF Build Log  Hey there pilots and welcome to our Step By Step Build guide for the NEW 2016 48″ Slick 540 EPP Hybrid! This model shares many of the same build qualities as the 48″ extra and the 55″ Edge, only now it is all on our new Slick 540 design with the Banshee scheme! Because of this, the build steps will be very familure to our other EPP models and we are happy to help walk you through each step for the Mini Banshee.... more

Aerobeez 32″ Edge 540 EPP Foamie Build Log

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32″ Edge 540 EPP Foamy Build Log Hey Everyone! Welcome to the official build log for the NEW Aerobeez 32″ Edge 540 EPP Foamy ARF Kit!  This build log is put together by our Team Pilot Orel and will follow his specific setup and steps. Orel’s Setup will be: Motor: Turnigy 2204-14t ESC: Turnigy 12amp esc Prop: GWS 8×4.3 Battery: TP 325mah 3s Servos: Hitec HS-56 for Ailerons & Futaba s3114 on tail NOTE: (Orel ordered HS-45s to use but they did not come in time for the build) Recommendations... more

Aerobeez 55″ Slick 540 Full Fuse EPP Build Log

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Aerobeez 2016 Slick 540 55″ EPP Hybrid ARF Build Log  Hey there pilots and welcome to our Step By Step Build guide for the NEW 2016 55″ Slick 540 EPP Hybrid! Like last years “55 Edge, the NEW 55” Slick 540 EPP Hybrid is one of the easiest and most straight forward build ARF’s ever and we are happy to help walk you through each step. This build guide is compiled from Bloosee’s official build log. In this build log, we will take you step by step in building your... more

Aerobeez Edge540 55″ EPP Hybrid ARF Build Log Step 2 Remove the EPP foam cut outs on the bottom of the fuselage. These are precut and can be simply pressed out. These holes are pre-cut for electronics cooling. Step 4 Install the carbon landing gear with the screws provided in the hardware bag. Step 7 Remove the pieces as seen in these photos for the inserting of the horizontal stabilizer. DO NOT DISCARD the back piece! This will be glued back once the horizontal stabilizer and elevator... more

Slick540 38” EPP Hybrid Step By Step Build Log and Guide Step 2 Once your wheel and wheel pant are in position, glue the EPP cover to the wheel pant using CA or rubber contact cement. Step 4 Glue on the landing gear EPP fairings, two pieces per side. You will apply glue to one side and basically sandwich the landing gear strut. CA or rubber cement will be the glue of choice. Step 5 Remove the pre-cut EPP areas on the fuselage. You may remove all the areas as seen here or remove them as you... more

The Aerobeez 2015 EPP ARF Lineup is Now Here

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Happy Friday to all the readers, flyers, and builders out there! The Aerobeez NEW 2015 EPP ARF Lineup is now here! You may have seen them at the AMA show in January, or caught a glimpse of them at the AEF, but now you can check out the finished product. We have gone through months of testing and development on our new models and created some really beautiful color schemes to show off these awesome 3D trainer EPP models! So without further ado, check them out for yourself, and we hope you like what... more

NEW Flying Wing for 2015 In Development

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Hey everyone! What a great couple months 2015 has started off to. We have brought in our new lineup of planes and had great feedback from people at AMA and AEF with other shows lined up later this year. We have also been busy working on other new developments for one of the smaller EPP models that everyone enjoyed last year, the Aerobeez Flying Wings! We have been working with our factory to produce an improved version two of our 32″ Angry Bee and the 32″ Stinger. The designs you see... more

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