Team Aerobeez Fun Day out flying with the Pros!

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Couple weekends ago we spent the day out at the Apollo Field with a few of our pro pilot friends!  There was non stop laughing and fun while hucking a few Aerobeez ARF planes.  During the day we tried all the standard 3D maneuvers on our new 30cc Yak-54 with DLE-30 motor and even invented a few new ones (horizontal pop-top/pinwheel) that we thought would break the wings off! Aerobeez Team pilot Santiago checking the Yak 54 before flight Check out some videos from the event here: We also had a... more

Sneak Peek: Aerobeez 118″ PZL-104 Wilga 100cc

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Full scale Wilga is designed by Polish as a Short takeoff and landing civilian utility aircraft. It is a very popular plane for gliders towing and parachute training. Now we made it available in 100cc scale RC version, the Wilga 100cc ARF plane is bult and designed from the ground up for a realistic and smooth RC flight aimed to please the most serious giant scale RC enthusiasts. It would be the perfect tow vehicle for RC gliders. The DLE111 would be a perfect power plant for this giant bird. Scheduled... more

Aerobeez 30% 89″ Yak-54 Gas RC Plane

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Specifications: Wing Span: 89″ Length: 82″ Wing Area: 1454 sq in Fly Weight: 15-16.8 lbs Some of the features includes: 1. New construction designed for light weight. 2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile. 3. Pre-hinged ailerons for quick installation. 3. 2-piece removable wings and stabilizers for easy transit. 4. Fully symmetrical tail wing airfoil. 5. Ball linkage control system. 6. Polyurethane wheels. 7. Carbon fiber wing tubes. 8. Carbon fber... more

Aerobeez 57″ Extra 330 50EP

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Today I received some really nice pictures from RobscoRC in Canada as they just tried out our 57″ Extra 330 50EP. Big thanks to RobscoRC for sharing the photos! Checkout their youtube channel at          Read More →

Aerobeez 75″ 26% MXS-R 30cc Gas Airplane

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The MXS-R, made by MX Aircraft, is a modern aerobatic plane designed for air racing.  It was been featured in the Redbull Air Race series. The MXS is a single seater all composite aircraft.  It was designed using computerized solid modeling to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.  One thing to notice is the smooth, streamlined profile of the air frame.  Because it is made of carbon fiber, there is no rivets that are required to put metal panels together in metal frame aircraft, which further enhance... more

Aerobeez 65″ Sbach 342 20cc Profile ARF Plane

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Profile planes are characterized by having a “2D” profile of an airplane it’s scaling after.  Because of the small body mass compared to a regular airplane, profile planes have extremely low wing loading and small body inertia. These characteristics allow the pilot to perform extreme 3D maneuvers.  Profile planes comes in many sizes and forms, from micro size foamies to large scale gas planes.  But they are all designed to do one thing-Extreme 3D! The Sbach 342 is a very nice... more

Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP Flying Videos

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The Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP is a really nice 3D aerobatic planes.  With a 57″ wingspan it’s very easy to carry around in a compact size car.  And it’s big enough for smooth maneuvers.  I didn’t have a camera with me this time so I had to use my iphone to capture the video.  But I just want to show you how the plane flies.  next time I will bring the video camera for more videos. The Aerobeez Extra 330 50EP hovers effortlessly.  The control is very smooth and agile.... more

Today,  I would like to introduce to you Aerobeez’s new electric powered mid size aerobatic plane–Extra 330 50EP. Here is the spec: Wing Span: 57″ (1448 mm) Length: 57″ (1448 mm) Wing Area: 680 sq in(44 sq dm) Fly Weight: 4.5-5.5 lbs(2041-2495g) In my opinion, this plane is good for people who have been flying smaller electric planes and want to move onto something bigger and do not want to jump into gas engine category yet.  This is also a great plane for people who already... more

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