Team Aerobeez Fun Day out flying with the Pros!

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Couple weekends ago we spent the day out at the Apollo Field with a few of our pro pilot friends!  There was non stop laughing and fun while hucking a few Aerobeez ARF planes.  During the day we tried all the standard 3D maneuvers on our new 30cc Yak-54 with DLE-30 motor and even invented a few new ones (horizontal pop-top/pinwheel) that we thought would break the wings off! Aerobeez Team pilot Santiago checking the Yak 54 before flight Check out some videos from the event here: We also had a... more

We are introducing to you the newest 48″ Sbach 342 full fuse EPP frame with balsa wood construction. This plane is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and cost. This offers the best platform to those who want to get into 3D flying or want to develop their skills with a durable full fuse frame. Specifications: Wingspan: 48″ Length: 48″ Wing area: 496 Flying weight: 40oz-45oz General configuration: Motor requirement: Power: 450W – 500W kV: 950kV-1000kV Weight:... more

The Sbach 300/ 342 has been a very popular and sought after plane due to its unique and beautiful design. We have received lots of attentions since we started carrying the Sbach 300 and Sbach 342. However, lot of people have questions about whether it would perform as well as it looks. So this time we are giving a flight review on the Sbach 300. Flying Video: Specifications: Wing Span: 73″ Length: 69.5″ Wing Area: 1007 sq in Fly Weight: 9.2-10.6 lbs Equipments: Powerplant: DLE 30 gas... more

Aerobeez is stocking up for the summer. Are you?

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With summer just around the corner and the long winter gone, we are excited to get our birds out from the garage and getting them ready for the summer.  Here in California we will be taking advantage of the long day time and the nice sunny days and we just can’t wait.  I hope you have built some cool kits over the winter and now it would be the time for them to shine.  Well maybe you were occupied during winter and haven’t had the time. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to... more

Aerobeez 65″ Sbach 342 20cc Profile ARF Plane

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Profile planes are characterized by having a “2D” profile of an airplane it’s scaling after.  Because of the small body mass compared to a regular airplane, profile planes have extremely low wing loading and small body inertia. These characteristics allow the pilot to perform extreme 3D maneuvers.  Profile planes comes in many sizes and forms, from micro size foamies to large scale gas planes.  But they are all designed to do one thing-Extreme 3D! The Sbach 342 is a very nice... more

Welcome to Aerobeez!

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Hi fellow RC Pilots, First I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Aerobeez.  We are a manufacturer for RC plane products and distribute them under the name “Aerobeez”.  Our mission is very simple—to promote the fun hobby of RC flying.  We are airplane lovers who would love to introduce to more people about this great hobby.  And we are doing it by developing good quality products and offer them at a reasonable price.  We also believe in providing great supports to... more

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