Aerobeez Weekly Photo Contest!

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Occasionally we get emails from customers with photos of our products. And we very much appreciate them doing so.  But then we realized that there may be lots of beautiful pictures from all our customers that are not being seen. So we want to start this contest to encourage you to show your nice photos of our planes, and reward you for them. We give out prizes every week. This week’s prize: See here for the official rules: Here are the rules: Photo... more

The new Aerobeez 75″ Yak-55M 30cc in Purple

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  Following the great success on the original yellow and red 30cc Yak 55M, we are offering a new color scheme for the season. This new color scheme features the white base color with a great load of purple which produces a nice contrast in color. The white area on the white is perfect for a nice variety of customized decal. This 30cc Yak 55M has the same great features as its predecessor which is capable of high alpha maneuver, slow speed harrier. It’s built so solid to endure the intensively... more

As most of our planes come with lots of pre-fabricated parts and quick assembly features, you may notice though the wheel pants for our 26% Yak-55M are not pre-drilled (Hey, we can’t make every too easy otherwise where is the fun right!) So, to better help  making your installation smooth and easy (and fun of course), I am posting the steps here on how to properly install the wheel pants on the Yak-55M. First, fit the wheel pant onto the landing gear where it’s supposed to sit.  Then... more

The Yak-55M is the modified version of the one of the best known Soviet aerobatic plane, Yak-55. The modification was made to accomodate a more aggressive and demanding acrobatic performance in competitions. We have re-designed and built a 30% scale version of this amazing classic aerobatic monster. This is a large scale Yak-55M plane which utilizes a 50-60cc gas engine for a true, realistic aerobatic flights. Some of the major characteristics about the Yak-55M is it’s radial engine design,... more

Ever noticed that wherever you go there always seem to be people flying a yak55 RC plane? In fact we see so many Yak-55 replica in RC world from as small as micro size foamies, to park flyers, to giant scale, you name it.  The Yak-55 has won many World Aerobatic Champions in 80’s.  It has a unique look and design and has remained a legend in aerobatic aviation.  Some of the unique features about the Yak-55M include it’s radial engine without a spinner, long fuselage, round teardrop... more

Welcome to Aerobeez!

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Hi fellow RC Pilots, First I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Aerobeez.  We are a manufacturer for RC plane products and distribute them under the name “Aerobeez”.  Our mission is very simple—to promote the fun hobby of RC flying.  We are airplane lovers who would love to introduce to more people about this great hobby.  And we are doing it by developing good quality products and offer them at a reasonable price.  We also believe in providing great supports to... more

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