Team Aerobeez Fun Day out flying with the Pros!

Posted by Pete On October - 12 - 2013

Couple weekends ago we spent the day out at the Apollo Field with a few of our pro pilot friends!  There was non stop laughing and fun while hucking a few Aerobeez ARF planes.  During the day we tried all the standard 3D maneuvers on our new 30cc Yak-54 with DLE-30 motor and even invented a few new ones (horizontal pop-top/pinwheel) that we thought would break the wings off!

Aerobee 73" Yak 54 green

Aerobeez Team pilot Santiago checking the Yak 54 before flight

Check out some videos from the event here:

We also had a triple flight with my buddy John Asher (Hollywood Producer/Writer/Director/Actor), Matt Stringer (3 Time Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Champion), and Santiago Perez all with our EPP Skinned Sbach342!

Aerobeez 48" Sbach 342 EPP

Lots of fun flying a; three of the 48" Sbach EPP together

Aeorbeez 48" Sbach EPP

See all three of the 48″ Sbach EPP in action:


Pete and John Asher

Hollywood Producer/ Director John Asher and myself lol

Aerobeez ARF fun fly

Fun day at the filed with the Pro's

You can always keep up with our most current movements on facebook and twitter!  Aerobeez Instagram is an awesome place to see our newest photos updated anytime throughout the day!  I can’t wait to do this again!

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