The Aerobeez 2015 EPP ARF Lineup is Now Here

Posted by aerobeez On March - 21 - 2015

Happy Friday to all the readers, flyers, and builders out there! The Aerobeez NEW 2015 EPP ARF Lineup is now here! You may have seen them at the AMA show in January, or caught a glimpse of them at the AEF, but now you can check out the finished product. We have gone through months of testing and development on our new models and created some really beautiful color schemes to show off these awesome 3D trainer EPP models! So without further ado, check them out for yourself, and we hope you like what you see.


Our smallest model to date in a full fuse ARF is the NEW 38″ Slick 540.

Black Model:

Red Model:


Wingspan: 38″
Length: 39″ (without spinner)
Flying weight: 21 – 24 oz (without battery)
Recommended setup:

Motor: Hacker A30-16M
Speed Controller: 40AMP or above depending on motor/esc preference
Servos: Hitec HS-55, HS-65HB or 9G size
Battery: 3s 1000mAh to 2200mAh 20c
Prop: 11 x 5.5

Check out the full product listing for the 38″ Slick 540 Black or the 38″ Slick 540 Red.

We also have a return of our favorite EPP model from last year, the 48″ Extra 330SC.

Blue and Red Model:

Purple Model:


Wingspan: 48″
Length: 48″
Wing area: 496
Flying weight: 40oz-45oz

Recommended setup:

Motor: Hacker A30-14L V3 or Motrofly 2820-950
Speed Controller: Hacker X-55-SB-Pro
Servos: Hitec HS-5065MG or HS-65MG
Battery: 3S 2200 mAh – 2650mAh
Prop: APC 13 x 6.5

Check out the full product listing for the 48″ Extra 330SC Blue and Red or the 48″ Extra 330SC Purple.

Check out a video of the NEW EXTRA 330SC at the AMA show from earlier this year here:

And last but not least, we have the NEW 55″ EDGE 540! This is now our largest EPP offering and a monster 3D trainer.

Red Model:

Yellow Model:


Wingspan: 55″
Length: 54.7″ (without spinner)
Wing area: 617
Flying weight: 60 – 65 oz (without battery)
Recommended setup:

Motor: Hacker A40-10S
Speed Controller: 70AMP or higher depending on motor/esc preference
Servos: Hitec HS225MG size
Battery: 4S 2800-4200mAh
Prop: 14 x 7

Check out the full product listing for the 55″ EDGE 540 Red or the 55″ EDGE 540 Yellow.

You can also see a video of the EDGE 540 from the AMA show earlier this year here:

We are supper excited to have the new models here and we hope you are all to! Video content and Build guides will be added for each in the coming months so stay tuned. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Have a great weekend,

Team Aerobeez

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